Stone Circles

If you know where to stop, because the sign is so small,

You can walk through a field and through a field door.

Walk a bit further and you may see and beautiful clearing,

Where fairies dance with glee.

Here is circle made of stone, where wild flowers grow and wild children roam

Free as birds and quite still time, its a special place where the world is always fine.

Go there if you can, if you find the sign and leave an offering on the land.


Enjoy! Its our favorite place ever! The wild one claims she saw baby angels once dancing in the sky




Endless Summer

Spring turned to Summer and the Maypole was danced through the town once more. The flower girls enjoy being part of this ancient tradition and the afternoon was filled with friends enjoying food together.

The bluebells sprung up in the churchyards and we got our annual photos of the one we call The Bluebell girl.

We have wandered gardens and taken ferries across the water just for fun.

The Bluebell girl turned 10 and for me it was bittersweet, shes growing into a lady, but still so much a little girl. She celebrated with her friend who she has know since she was born, they brought their friends together from two different schools for a party to end all parties. The sun shone so fierce and the garden was transformed into a massive water and icing sugar fight. All the girls are such good friends, only living a few miles apart, yet leading different lives. It was a joy to be part of.

The week before the party was the actual birthday and we met on the beach with both girls closest pals, one each. Both have been friends forever and we sat, shared food,cake and fizz and enjoyed the company of people that we have known forever here in Cornwall. The children ran into the sea and stream, jumped off rocks and made their own fun while we adults BBQ-ed and enjoyed watching them.

We have made the most of the beach on sunny days and SUPPed with our local seal. The Bluebell entered her first surf competition and enjoyed it so much. She has no fear of our sometimes wild Cornish seas, and her surfing is coming on so well.

The wild one maybe isn’t as wild as she once was, but it comes out in other ways, she is a natural horse rider and yet the ponies seem to know she she has a certain energy. I have never seen a pony trot so fast in my life to do everything it can to eat a child. She shrugs it off with the good humour that she has and puts it all down to experience.

We are looking forward to adding more to our endless summer memories, beach eats and long hot days, nights that go on forever and spending time with friends.

Its Spring

Spring came all of a sudden to Cornwall, right over the Easter Holidays. We spent an idyllic time on beaches, swimming in mermaid pools as clear as sea can be. We found caves and walked down sandy paths that led to hidden beaches, one such path harbored a small church.

We walked coastal paths and sat on the edge of the world looking over our land and felt it was only us there. We took supper with us and BBQ-ed food in a little cove. We ran into our little town to watch the sun set at the end of the day.We collected armful’s of wild garlic to make pesto again. It was that kind of holiday, the kind we normally dream of or read about in books. It was the kind of holiday I hope the girls will always remember forever as it was so very special.

Now the holidays are over the summer term has began, time is precious trying to fit it all in, but we have still met friends on the beach after school and still had days of playing simple games on the sand. I cant let the holiday feeling go yet and I wont until September is once again upon us.

The little wild one played her first proper football match, they called her the little mouse, so fast and no one can catch her. She was the only infant playing with much older girls. She scored all the goals for her team and did so well. I don’t think she will ever have another game quite like this one she was the star, everyone knew her name by the end of the match. It was a game we will all remember forever.

As I sit on the football court in the sun looking out to sea I reflect once again how lucky we are to live here surrounded by towns we love and quaint fishing villages. I love seeing the girls run down the cobbled streets of the town they know so well. We played ball on the beach this morning while waiting for Sunday school to begin, and emptied her shoes of sand before going to chapel.

The older flower girl won the school bake off as well as got a main part in the ballet show, this is a year she will never forget either. Different hobbies and past times and yet doing so well. Surfing is more her thing, she is still a little mermaid we cant get her out of the sea her love for it is so strong.  Today she took a drawing class, and we went to one together over the holidays. She spends her time making things and drawing, shes a pleasure to watch. Her inner peace she carries with her suits this place. She has nestled into Cornish life well, and yet she talks of leaving when shes older to go to Art school. I hope she stays if I am honest as I enjoy her company so much.

Surrounded By Sea

img_5710 lanta-2895 img_5187 img_3757 img_3715The last few weeks we have been surrounded by sea, the girls and me. Lands end with its wild winds and craggy edges, skipping on a sunny crisp Autumn day down to the farm. Turning corners to be faced with a flash of blue on a sunny winters day. Driving from coast to coast and yet the distance so short. The sea provides calm and tranquility and surrounds us everyday where we live.

On a walk back from Tennis the sun broke through, the path to our home runs nest to the sea, the bluebell couldn’t resist a run to the sand, she stood gazing out to sea while the little one fly up and down the beach path on her scooter. The drawer on the ocean only seems to lure the one child, but the other makes it work for her in other ways.

We were talking jobs and I asked Fleur to imagine what it would be like to be a zoo vet, her answer was she would rather be one of the chimps “to be honest”

The littlest flower girl turned seven, a party of mad slides and the annual pinata saw the moment in. She embraced her friends as they came in, jumped for joy at everything and generally had the best time ever, as she does with everything in life. Dinos was the theme and the party went down with a Roar!!!

Soon it was Christmas and our little fishing town was filled with lights. The sun shone and those perfect crisp winter days embraced Cornwall. On boxing day we ventured down to the sea and the bluebell paddled in the freezing sea, while the wild one shot rockets into space on the warm sand. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

But as January is upon us, Cornwall has shown its bleak side. The wild winds are whipping through our house on the hill, the waves are roaring in and crashing onto the beaches. Its so very very cold and the streets are empty of people. Its the time when not much happens and we stay at home as much as possible.

We went to an orchard blessing yesterday, where we danced away the winter in preparation of the spring. It was a beautiful community event, filled with ivy and Cornish Cider. The girls took drums and embraced the moment and the home made cakes. I left with a spring in my step and the feeling that better days are round the corner. The long harsh winters we endure can be just what is needed, a bit more time at home and a time to reflect, but also they can feel very very long.



Summer 2016

The bluebell turned nine, her last year as single numbers ever. We picked wild garlic in the spring and walked sandy paths to remote beaches as dusk fell at the turn of summer. Its the simple moments that stay with me. We looked at wild flowers growing by the church on sea front nestled in the dunes.

We made the most of the beach playing as the sun set late into the evenings some nights, and we left our beloved Cornwall and ventured to festivals of music and food.

The flower girls have had a ball, and I am shattered,but a happy shattered, its been a success. The little one has fallen in love with football more so than ever and the big one surfing. What next summer will bring we don’t know, but double figures for one.

The questions from the little one go one, shes six 1/2 now and thinks all the time: ” Fireworks, are they called this because they are fire and they work? ” ” If we didn’t have the sun why would we die? is it because we would not see and bump into things? ”  Shes also thoughtful when I told her its hard being a child, she replied its also hard being a Mummy. I caught her cough, but she was delighted ” we can now kiss each other” she said.  I told her a story when buying her a ice-cream how I was never allowed the ice-cream oyster shell i really wanted it was too expensive, she looked at me with her gentle eyes and said ” now its your turn to have the ice cream Mama” I love her so much, her smile lit up the whole school hall when she was awarded the shine, and her teacher seems to love her energy as much as we do. Shes so young still and asked how the author of Harry Pottor knows all the spells in the book and HOW DOES SHE WRITE SOOOOOOOO SMALL???? …… its fabulous being only six!

The Bluebell is very concerned about her hair and actually was upset when I “deleted” her parting…. its hard being nine!