Our Crazy Cornish Town

We have totally embraced winter here in our little coastal town. Cozy hot chocolates in bars. Wandering the quite streets, lit with Christmas lights. Walks when the only faces we see are those we know. Its like stepping back in time, and I wouldnt miss this time for the world.

The shops are holding their Christmas display windows, and they are incredible this year. Some are truly works of art. We have enjoyed wandering the streets enjoying them. The girls gleaning great ideas for future art projects.

Our house is decorated for Christmas, our favorite time of year. The girls are wildly excited, and school has been fantastic this month, filled with wonderful Christmas singing , fetes, Christmas arts and crafts and Church services.

At home we have made our Christmas cake, every member of the house hold taking a turn to stir. Last night the girls made the Chocolate log to be cut Christmas Eve. Tradition runs strong in our house, and we look forward to our moments.

A week ago our little town held its annual Lantern Parade. We were there for the first one and it was a small affair with a handful of people. The event has now grown, involving business’s and schools. Other parades we have attended as spectators in the past have been tranquil events. Lanterns moving slowly through the darkened streets, not in our Crazy town. A samba band led the huge procession, father christmas joined in. The crowd danced and weaved its way through the hundreds of people wating. It was amazing. The little one moved her hips in time to the music, the bigger one more reserved but loving every moment. We saw so many friends along the way who waved and cheered. i think it was our best night out ever.

This time of year makes me realise just how lucky we are to live here and be part of this small but amazing town. As much as I love the summer months, its the winter i love most here, and its the winter that drew me to the sea in the first place. The next three weeks are going to be equally amazing, with the Christmas holidays approaching. Loving every moment.



8th birthday

In a flurry of gifts and balloons our baby turned 8.

The theme for her wild party of drop slides and crazy climbing was half mine craft and half skylanders. She started her big day with a treasure hunt after school that took her finally to the roller rink, with hot chocolate and fun on the way. She speed around with her sister and we gorged on junk food. All in all her day was perfect. She took mini football fairy cakes to school and we had a football pitch family cake and a minecraft cake for her party the following day.

She greeted her friends with hugs and cheers. We love her so much. Shes different and fun and ever so slightly bonkers, long may it last little fleur.



Its Been Too Long

The last blog mentioned the end of summer, since that time we were blessed with more sun. The girls went back to school and we found ourselves on the beach again. Running down to The Harbour in school uniforms for lazy afternoons and ice cream. Drinking hot chocolates while surf lessons happened. Life in September was good.

October brought Halloween, a crazed night of sweets and door knocking. We had a party for a few friends and the Cornish weather was mild.

We ventured to Wales and Bristol. Took in beautiful sights, wild rapids and mountains in Wales. The little one was delighted when she thought she could climb Snowden. Alas this was not the trip. Her face full of delight and then regret, led to a promise from her Dad, he will climb it with her one day. In a act of mad defiance, she ran off anyway when our backs where turned and scaled her own pathway like a mountain goat.

She will be 8 soon, where have the years gone? She bounces into our room early each morning singing ” Happy nine days to my birthday to me” or whatever day we are on that morning.  Shes bright as a button, yet still as silly as a toddler. She questions everything in life. ” Why are we long sighted?” . She told me the other night that ” Nature can be so sad sometimes, but it has to be” as we watched The Big Blue on TV. I love her to bits, shes so amazing. In Bristol she “became a piece of Art” standing so still in the art gallery while tourists whizzed by her. Shes funny and such great company to be with. How we ever lived life without her I will never know.

Her talent for Football has been noted. She was asked to trial for a Football Development Center. She got through on her first trial, they didn’t need to do the second one. She loves to play, and is the only girl there. It terrifies but delights her to go every week. Its a challenge to play with boys, who don’t know her, yet seem to know each other so well. Some weeks shes included, some weeks she “feel’s invisible” she tells me. I delight in her face when shes mid game, yet my heart breaks when I see her calling for the ball and being ignored. She feels butterflies in her tummy everytime we arrive, but sums up all her courage to run onto the pitch to join in. She knows its her choice, there is never force in our family, we and our children make our own choices in life and it works for us. Even school is optional for them, they have always known that. And yet they have always wanted to go ( well apart from the odd day here and there) She feels her “girl power” coming through every week and it pleases her. I am thrilled she has found a passion, we have been through a number of things to get here, Gymnastics, ballet,horse riding,swimming, surfing, surf-lifesaving. You name it, she has done it, yet here we now are with football. Not my choice at all, and yet that makes it even more special. This has totally come from her, from her heart, from her soul. Our very own little super hero, pocket rocket. Brave in so many ways, yet can be easily hurt. Shes small and wild and ever so slightly crazy. Shes the bravest thing ever right now, but that’s her story to tell, not mine. And yet shes so sweet. Those who know her have a friend for life. Shes loyal and passionate about her family and friends, and i know she will go to the end of the earth for those handful of people that she considers to be her special people. Run wild my little Fleur, and I will be running behind you all the way to catch you if you ever fall. I am looking forward to this week to celebrating her 8 years of life. When she was born in a flurry of medical emergencies, transfers to Bristol, and a very long ten days in special care, I knew there was something amazing about her will to survive and conquer all. She showed them, shes still showing them and I take my hat off to her!


Fireworks On The Beach

IMG_7613Meeting friend’s in a cosy bar, the tide high and the moon full. After food we wandered down the coastal path to a beach, dodging high waves that crashed over the sea wall. Screaming laughing children arriving at last to the safety of a more sheltered beach. Sparklers ,waiting for the fireworks to start. Sandy boots and sandy hands on 5th November. Firework bangs competing with the crash of the wild sea. We love living here in our little Cornish coastal town.

A look over our Summer

It has taken me this long to to grab my camera and look over our summer photos.

As the evenings have turned autumnal and the days often raining, it has been a pleasure to reflect on the blissful six weeks of having the flower girls all to ourselves.

We went to our beloved Italy, always feels like a second home. The girls fit in so well there and this time we had a family wedding, we had family over from both sides. It was incredible.

Our days were filled with heat,food and the seaside. The nights pretty much the same.

I watched the Bluebell girl taking the wedding in. Loving every single part of it. I watched the little one, just indulging in pure unadulterated fun.

Italy was a huge success, and then it was back to Cornwall for a whole month!

The beach always plays a big part in our life here and we had lots of local days meeting up with friends. We also went to hidden places and places with dunes. The little one found her love for the sea for the first time and had her first surf lesson, while the big one now has moved onto a hard board for surfing.

I loved our day on my favorite beach with my special friends that we have all known forever here. The girls body boarded all day in the crashing waves. They caught Jelly fish in buckets, ate ice creams and grabbed a bucket of popcorn at the end of a long beach day and just watched ” The Big Blue” such simple fun and so good.

Most of the bluebells days were spent in the water and the little one was there for a large part too. The summer was full of love and sand and  I enjoyed every moment of it.

The flower girls now can ride. Lucky enough to have a friend who has a pony and can borrow one too. We took long long walks over the Cornish moors with her dogs and the girls riding beside us. The sun shone and the world couldn’t have been a better place at that time. The Bluebell cantered for the first time, with a view of the sea , over the scrub land she went. I would imagine and I hope that will stay with her forever.

The summer of 2017, although long gone now, will be special for many reasons. Lots of memories made.


Year Six and Year Three

IMG_7513When I grow up I want to be a Fashion Designer and an Artist said the big one.

When I grow up I want to be a Footballer said the little one.

And the new school year begins.


The Walk in the Cornish Woods

After a  full day on the beach yesterday the weather turned so we took to the woods. Three Mum’s and six kids.

What was supposed to be a walk, a feed of the ducks and a nut or two for the squirrels, turned into a epic adventure!

Wild woodland walks with crazy children in the midst of their summer holidays, creativity, madness and fun seemed to take over.

The older girls found a fairy tree, sprinkling of glitter seemed to spark something in them, we found tree faces that we knew must be the tree’s protectors. Fairy doors and slides. A memory from the Bluebell, a book, ‘look for the snail trails,’ she said, ‘they show the way to fairy places.’ Sure enough half way up the tree a trail was found.

The younger ones in a frenzy of bubble chasing, made a den, shrieks of laughter called the older ones over, who were delighted to join in. Never to old for bubbles, even at ten.

We stopped for lunch in the damp wood and the mud puddles were transformed into chocolate restaurants, leaves were dipped and twigs were served. Friendly squirrels approaches this wild squealing gang and were fed the odd nut.

We didn’t get far through the wood and yet had the perfect day. Pooh sticks were played and lots of streams were jumped in. One child got stuck in the mud, but a great rescue was made and all ended well.

Their imagination was well fed and everyone arrived home happy and very very dirty. A perfect day.