The Walk in the Cornish Woods

After a  full day on the beach yesterday the weather turned so we took to the woods. Three Mum’s and six kids.

What was supposed to be a walk, a feed of the ducks and a nut or two for the squirrels, turned into a epic adventure!

Wild woodland walks with crazy children in the midst of their summer holidays, creativity, madness and fun seemed to take over.

The older girls found a fairy tree, sprinkling of glitter seemed to spark something in them, we found tree faces that we knew must be the tree’s protectors. Fairy doors and slides. A memory from the Bluebell, a book, ‘look for the snail trails,’ she said, ‘they show the way to fairy places.’ Sure enough half way up the tree a trail was found.

The younger ones in a frenzy of bubble chasing, made a den, shrieks of laughter called the older ones over, who were delighted to join in. Never to old for bubbles, even at ten.

We stopped for lunch in the damp wood and the mud puddles were transformed into chocolate restaurants, leaves were dipped and twigs were served. Friendly squirrels approaches this wild squealing gang and were fed the odd nut.

We didn’t get far through the wood and yet had the perfect day. Pooh sticks were played and lots of streams were jumped in. One child got stuck in the mud, but a great rescue was made and all ended well.

Their imagination was well fed and everyone arrived home happy and very very dirty. A perfect day.