Stone Circles

If you know where to stop, because the sign is so small,

You can walk through a field and through a field door.

Walk a bit further and you may see and beautiful clearing,

Where fairies dance with glee.

Here is circle made of stone, where wild flowers grow and wild children roam

Free as birds and quite still time, its a special place where the world is always fine.

Go there if you can, if you find the sign and leave an offering on the land.


Enjoy! Its our favorite place ever! The wild one claims she saw baby angels once dancing in the sky




Endless Summer

Spring turned to Summer and the Maypole was danced through the town once more. The flower girls enjoy being part of this ancient tradition and the afternoon was filled with friends enjoying food together.

The bluebells sprung up in the churchyards and we got our annual photos of the one we call The Bluebell girl.

We have wandered gardens and taken ferries across the water just for fun.

The Bluebell girl turned 10 and for me it was bittersweet, shes growing into a lady, but still so much a little girl. She celebrated with her friend who she has know since she was born, they brought their friends together from two different schools for a party to end all parties. The sun shone so fierce and the garden was transformed into a massive water and icing sugar fight. All the girls are such good friends, only living a few miles apart, yet leading different lives. It was a joy to be part of.

The week before the party was the actual birthday and we met on the beach with both girls closest pals, one each. Both have been friends forever and we sat, shared food,cake and fizz and enjoyed the company of people that we have known forever here in Cornwall. The children ran into the sea and stream, jumped off rocks and made their own fun while we adults BBQ-ed and enjoyed watching them.

We have made the most of the beach on sunny days and SUPPed with our local seal. The Bluebell entered her first surf competition and enjoyed it so much. She has no fear of our sometimes wild Cornish seas, and her surfing is coming on so well.

The wild one maybe isn’t as wild as she once was, but it comes out in other ways, she is a natural horse rider and yet the ponies seem to know she she has a certain energy. I have never seen a pony trot so fast in my life to do everything it can to eat a child. She shrugs it off with the good humour that she has and puts it all down to experience.

We are looking forward to adding more to our endless summer memories, beach eats and long hot days, nights that go on forever and spending time with friends.