Its Spring

Spring came all of a sudden to Cornwall, right over the Easter Holidays. We spent an idyllic time on beaches, swimming in mermaid pools as clear as sea can be. We found caves and walked down sandy paths that led to hidden beaches, one such path harbored a small church.

We walked coastal paths and sat on the edge of the world looking over our land and felt it was only us there. We took supper with us and BBQ-ed food in a little cove. We ran into our little town to watch the sun set at the end of the day.We collected armful’s of wild garlic to make pesto again. It was that kind of holiday, the kind we normally dream of or read about in books. It was the kind of holiday I hope the girls will always remember forever as it was so very special.

Now the holidays are over the summer term has began, time is precious trying to fit it all in, but we have still met friends on the beach after school and still had days of playing simple games on the sand. I cant let the holiday feeling go yet and I wont until September is once again upon us.

The little wild one played her first proper football match, they called her the little mouse, so fast and no one can catch her. She was the only infant playing with much older girls. She scored all the goals for her team and did so well. I don’t think she will ever have another game quite like this one she was the star, everyone knew her name by the end of the match. It was a game we will all remember forever.

As I sit on the football court in the sun looking out to sea I reflect once again how lucky we are to live here surrounded by towns we love and quaint fishing villages. I love seeing the girls run down the cobbled streets of the town they know so well. We played ball on the beach this morning while waiting for Sunday school to begin, and emptied her shoes of sand before going to chapel.

The older flower girl won the school bake off as well as got a main part in the ballet show, this is a year she will never forget either. Different hobbies and past times and yet doing so well. Surfing is more her thing, she is still a little mermaid we cant get her out of the sea her love for it is so strong.  Today she took a drawing class, and we went to one together over the holidays. She spends her time making things and drawing, shes a pleasure to watch. Her inner peace she carries with her suits this place. She has nestled into Cornish life well, and yet she talks of leaving when shes older to go to Art school. I hope she stays if I am honest as I enjoy her company so much.


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