Surrounded By Sea

img_5710 lanta-2895 img_5187 img_3757 img_3715The last few weeks we have been surrounded by sea, the girls and me. Lands end with its wild winds and craggy edges, skipping on a sunny crisp Autumn day down to the farm. Turning corners to be faced with a flash of blue on a sunny winters day. Driving from coast to coast and yet the distance so short. The sea provides calm and tranquility and surrounds us everyday where we live.

On a walk back from Tennis the sun broke through, the path to our home runs nest to the sea, the bluebell couldn’t resist a run to the sand, she stood gazing out to sea while the little one fly up and down the beach path on her scooter. The drawer on the ocean only seems to lure the one child, but the other makes it work for her in other ways.

We were talking jobs and I asked Fleur to imagine what it would be like to be a zoo vet, her answer was she would rather be one of the chimps “to be honest”

The littlest flower girl turned seven, a party of mad slides and the annual pinata saw the moment in. She embraced her friends as they came in, jumped for joy at everything and generally had the best time ever, as she does with everything in life. Dinos was the theme and the party went down with a Roar!!!

Soon it was Christmas and our little fishing town was filled with lights. The sun shone and those perfect crisp winter days embraced Cornwall. On boxing day we ventured down to the sea and the bluebell paddled in the freezing sea, while the wild one shot rockets into space on the warm sand. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

But as January is upon us, Cornwall has shown its bleak side. The wild winds are whipping through our house on the hill, the waves are roaring in and crashing onto the beaches. Its so very very cold and the streets are empty of people. Its the time when not much happens and we stay at home as much as possible.

We went to an orchard blessing yesterday, where we danced away the winter in preparation of the spring. It was a beautiful community event, filled with ivy and Cornish Cider. The girls took drums and embraced the moment and the home made cakes. I left with a spring in my step and the feeling that better days are round the corner. The long harsh winters we endure can be just what is needed, a bit more time at home and a time to reflect, but also they can feel very very long.