Bluebell year 5

When I grow up I want to be a aqua marine mermaid (you know swimming around in an aquarium where tourists go in to see the fish)




Fleur- Year Two

When I grow up I want to be a Video Gamer ( is there such a thing as that?)


Summer 2016

The bluebell turned nine, her last year as single numbers ever. We picked wild garlic in the spring and walked sandy paths to remote beaches as dusk fell at the turn of summer. Its the simple moments that stay with me. We looked at wild flowers growing by the church on sea front nestled in the dunes.

We made the most of the beach playing as the sun set late into the evenings some nights, and we left our beloved Cornwall and ventured to festivals of music and food.

The flower girls have had a ball, and I am shattered,but a happy shattered, its been a success. The little one has fallen in love with football more so than ever and the big one surfing. What next summer will bring we don’t know, but double figures for one.

The questions from the little one go one, shes six 1/2 now and thinks all the time: ” Fireworks, are they called this because they are fire and they work? ” ” If we didn’t have the sun why would we die? is it because we would not see and bump into things? ”  Shes also thoughtful when I told her its hard being a child, she replied its also hard being a Mummy. I caught her cough, but she was delighted ” we can now kiss each other” she said.  I told her a story when buying her a ice-cream how I was never allowed the ice-cream oyster shell i really wanted it was too expensive, she looked at me with her gentle eyes and said ” now its your turn to have the ice cream Mama” I love her so much, her smile lit up the whole school hall when she was awarded the shine, and her teacher seems to love her energy as much as we do. Shes so young still and asked how the author of Harry Pottor knows all the spells in the book and HOW DOES SHE WRITE SOOOOOOOO SMALL???? …… its fabulous being only six!

The Bluebell is very concerned about her hair and actually was upset when I “deleted” her parting…. its hard being nine!