Slipping into Autumn

The summer slipped into Autumn, the streets emptied out. We seemed to spend a lot of time on beaches waiting for waves, or waiting for surf instructors. Its a new dimension for the Bluebell girl she has found a passion.

The little one still skips, she skips to school and skips through swimming pools, shes still so happy all the time and so full of a love for life.  She hasnt found a passion for the sea yet, maybe the mermaid blood doesnt run through her veins like it does with her sister, but she finds her joys in just being, for now.

The weather gets colder and the winds get wilder, the Cornish winter is nearly upon us, indoor activities take place, an interactive theater where the girls step into a story book, they spoke about it for days afterwards. Lots of coloring and an art competition! The little one drew hers in a moment, quick as a flash, the older one took her time, six hours over a weekend. She drew it to scale, it was a Cornish Christmas, to her it was the lights, the star on the church and the fisherman’s lights on the harbour that we can see from our window. The detail was exact even though the lights weren’t up yet. She was proud and exhausted after. She didn’t win, but we got both drawings printed up as this years Christmas cards, they needed to be celebrated.

IMG_2047 IMG_2059 IMG_2063





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