Surfing as the sun goes down

The Bluebell girl is learning to surf, her love for the ocean runs deep, I swear she has a touch of mermaid blood running through her.

It was a late lesson on this sunny September day, as we arrived the scattering of locals were packing up to leave, it was just us, the little one and the big one. She wandered off down the beach to where the tide was out with her instructor. She looked so dainty on the expanse of sand, so small.

She doesn’t want to surf to win any contests, she just loves the sea, she wants to be in it, this is the best way for her to connect.

I know she was a little scared, I know its a big thing for her, but i loved her face as she caught a wave, her shy smile of delight.

We climbed rocks and the early evening sun shone on our faces, it was just us. Fleur ran and jumped, she played with sand and waved her school friends off on their way home. I love living here, I cant imagine how I ever survived without Cornwall. Our children know no different, this is home, where the sea crashes into our town and we wake to the cry of seagulls, where our house is always covered in sand, and every pocket and bag has a scattering of sand in it. We live the life of the beach, its part of us now, but the Bluebell has one up on us, she has chosen the sea to be part of her.


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