The Cornish Woods

We are great fans of the Cornish woodland theater and once again took delight in yet another show. The girls feel almost like they know the cast and look forward to them returning to our local woods. This year however we were introduced to another wood, a wood so wild and random, a wood like no other I have ever seen. A wood filled with adventure and quite possibly a serious health and safety risk. The children loved it they found fairy doors, they found tiny baby frogs, they played games, they ran over ponds, they screamed with delight and when the little one asked if the whole place was magical i was so glad i went. The older one wrote notes for the fairies and left them at the fairy doors in the trees. All of the children we were with that day had an extra sparkle to them when we left the woods that day. A hidden gem, a bit of a secret as not many talk of this little place down a county road with just a daisy as a sign. We will be back when the fairies call.

IMG_1818 IMG_1826 IMG_1830 IMG_1833

Another wet day but perfect for the woods with the barefoot trail and the mudpie kitchen. We all embraced the freedom to get as muddy as you liked and the flower girls did the barefoot trail over and over again. On rainy days getting back to nature was what was needed to lift all our spirits.

IMG_1715 IMG_1717


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