Summer 2015, another summer of total love

The bluebell girl turned eight at the beginning of this wonderful summer. Still immersed in her fairy-tale world that she lives in her birthday cake was The Faraway Tree from Enid Blighton. She didn’t want to see the cake until her party as she loves the element of surprise and magic. Shes a wonderful person who find delight in simple things.

The weather has not been kind in Cornwall, but we have embraced every day. We have camped in sanddunes where the Bluebell girl sat for hours gazing out to sea or drawing the landscape. I know she watches for mermaids, I know there are wonderful stories in her mind and i am sure she has mermaid blood in her veins.

She may not be competition swimmer standard but she loves the water, she had her first surf lesson and was hooked, she bodyboards and jumps waves. The sea does not feel her shyness, the sea seems to understand her, and it fills with joy.

We have been to so many beaches this summer, we have watched her surf lifesave in the rain, we have watched her play with her friends on hot sunny days, we have eaten sandy lunches and even stayed on for sandy suppers. We have gone crabbing and not caught a thing, but eaten boiling hot pasties on the working harbour, and loved every moment.

We took the girls for SUP lessons and played in the sea with them on board. We have surfed down sand dunes on body boards. We have taken every inch out of summer on the sand, squeezed the life out of it and loved it all.

Lovers of music and freedom the Wilderness festival was an amazing experience. The bluebell and I did wild swimming in the lake, it was freezing, but we giggled and basked in the sunshine after to warm up. The sun bronzed our faces and we left our hair unbrushed, we wore fairy glitter in the evenings and spent four days being the free spirits we love to be. I dragged her to hidden valley dance floors and revelers fields. We watched band play on carousels. She shook away her self consciousness and she let herself go and danced with me in the afternoon sun, it may have been the best moment of my life and I think she felt it too.

The wild little flower of mine learn’t to hula hoop at the festival she wowed people with her skills and gathered quite a following. She was so proud of herself and whispered that she thought the on lookers were thinking she must be a professional.She fell in love this summer with a bearded Dragon, she wanted one so. She may be wild and daring but she is the most gentle of all children when it comes to animals and creatures and donates so much of her time to them.

We camped in a friends garden, a mini festival and the children played and ran and jumped and got soaked. No one akse for an I phone or a i pad, no one needed one, it was pure bliss. The children were all children! and we sat around a camp fire and watched the stars. Oh the Cornish Summer wasn’t so cruel after all.



IMG_1391 girls-4268 girls-4325 IMG_1329 IMG_1340 IMG_1396 IMG_1530 IMG_1644 IMG_1708 IMG_1747 IMG_1751 IMG_1674


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