Rainbows and empty beaches

As the early evening approached as did the rain, most ran for cover and as so it meant that they missed the magic.Across the sky a rainbow appeared, In the middle of the beach the rainbow came to the end. I watched the flower girls run to find their pot of gold, delighted in this moment that may never happen again, as they got nearer the rainbow moved, they didn’t get to run through the spectrum of colour but they had fun trying. From where I stood i saw the loveliest little girls I know running toward a rainbow on a near on empty beach in the middle of August and it was magic.

Today it was cold, September is here the summer is ending. The beach we always go to, our special place was empty. The cold wind had caused ripples in the sand and the bluebell girl was amazed. She told me how she loved the sand ripples, she said she could see it almost shimmering. She liked that no one had walked on it, there were no foot prints. When the sea is crystal clear ,she told me, she sees ripples on the sand too, under the sea. I just love the fact she notices such things and I love the fact she cares enough to pass comment to me.

When she got home she added to her fairy door offering. A few drawn snowflakes, a trail of tiny buttons, a sign that says Fairys welcome. What a wonderful world she must live in, theres so much going on in her head.

Her friend had some bad news today, she shared it with me and I was glad she could. She wanted my advice i think, she also wanted to make it all ok again for her friend. Some problems cant be solved by a child. We sat on our empty beach, out hair blowing chatting about this. The place was right for such a serious chat. Soon she was on her feet again, laughing and playing with her sister, jumping the stream and kicking the sand. The holiday makers have long gone, the August rush is over. We have the time and space to enjoy our surroundings and have our chats and not be overheard. I love living here.

We came home frozen and ran a hot bath and drank hot chocolates in the living room overlooking the cold empty beach. The girls wrapped themselves in blankets and watched some TV. I am looking forward to winter now, today seemed to make it feel ok for it to come now.



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