Pony Riding

As i walked into the stables i left like I had walked into an Enid Blighton book. A quite stable yard with cobbled stones, ponies looking out at me, the smell of horses everywhere, four excited girls ready for a whole morning of caring for and riding ponies. As we are in Cornwall the day would end with a pasty, of course!

The office was an old barn a large black tom cat sat on the diary, a loud friendly lady swiped the cat away and told the girls they would be back for elevenses, I almost expected there to be lashings of ginger beer as well thrown in.

I have a notion that learning to ride is a life skill and I also believe that you cant leave it too late. I know if I had had lessons when a child I would surly have a horse now. I love the atmosphere of a farm, I love the calmness of the horses, I even love the smell. There is something earthy and real about it all in this world of stuff I cant quite be bothered with.

This little taster day got them hooked, and I hope that we can continue to let them ride sometimes when funds allow. I want them to have what i didn’t and one day I hope they do get to own a horse then I can have a secret go when no ones looking to laugh at an old lady trying to ride!



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