A cold Cornish Winter

IMG_0177 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185The storms have raged and the winds have been wild, so cold in fact as we walked through our quite little town one winter evening recently little Fleur said the wind was so strong she felt her eye lids were going to blow away! We have spent a lot of time at home these last two weeks, illness has struck the home, we watch the wild seas preforming for us from the windows of our living room and bedroom, it feels good to be inside safe and warm. And then the sun breaks through and the call of the sea beckons me, but the girls are full of flu. We however spend our days making junk models and toilet roll owls. We draw, the little one finally can draw, a skill developed much later in life for her than it was for her sister. We have home schooled as so much time is at home instead of school and I appreciate how hard it is to home school, so easy to wander off and do more fun things. But now two weeks on the little one is better, again she skips through life and her laughter fills the house. The bluebell is still not sure if she feels better or not yet, but we have made a couple of journeys out of the house this weekend.

Its the time of year the Cornwall is filled with rainbows, mostly they dive like a starburst of colour into the cold winter seas and add some much needed beauty to the stark grey that fills many a sky. Then the sun will shine and we have back our beloved seaside holiday town.

The daffodils are starting to flower in the fields a promise of spring , a little taste of what is to come. When i pointed the fields out, the little one was more interested in the telegraph pole “Is it an adult zip wire?” she asked. I love how her mind works.

Christmas is a distant memory now of church services and nativities, filled with pride for them both. A beautiful family Christmas, lots of cooking both girls loving joining in and both becoming quite promising little cooks.

The Bluebell girl so proud of her gifts she made for us in her little art room at the top of our house. A bracelet for me, a card for Granny, a picture for her sister and juggling sticks made out of straws and coloured feathers for her papa. These were the first gifts to be opened and they meant so much to us all, made with love and skill, she is such a talented little girl.

I am looking forward to better days weatherwise, I love winter for its starkness and the empty streets, but this last few weeks have been so very harsh, we need to roam our beaches again and we need to leave the house without the fear of being blown away. We need the tiles to stay on our roof and we need the water to stop coming through the ceiling! The daffodils have given me hope and one child well again has raised my hopes for a better week next week.