Sisterly Love

They flower girls play tennis at the weekends, the courts overlook the sea! Can you believe it? The new coach has harder and faster rules and games. One is called ‘Prison’, you miss and you go to prison. The Bluebell girl missed, off she went, a few goes later the little wild one went up for her turn, she didn’t even raise her racket. The ball just sailed past ” you didn’t even try” ” I know I need to go to prison to get my sister out” Unbelievable from the competitive one, who always tries her best. The force of love is stronger than the desire to win.

The little one has had a tough time lately, and as always with these things sometimes the sibling shares the strain. I have been so utterly proud of how my Bluebell girl has handled everything, with grace and maturity and absolute devotion to her sister. We have a really special day planed just for her to show our appreciation. Things rock our world too and her strength and perfectness has made things so much easier. I am so proud of them both for different reasons this week. Well done girls, the sisters will conquer all in life! (But hopefully they will never have to really break one another out of prison!)


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