Sisterly Love

They flower girls play tennis at the weekends, the courts overlook the sea! Can you believe it? The new coach has harder and faster rules and games. One is called ‘Prison’, you miss and you go to prison. The Bluebell girl missed, off she went, a few goes later the little wild one went up for her turn, she didn’t even raise her racket. The ball just sailed past ” you didn’t even try” ” I know I need to go to prison to get my sister out” Unbelievable from the competitive one, who always tries her best. The force of love is stronger than the desire to win.

The little one has had a tough time lately, and as always with these things sometimes the sibling shares the strain. I have been so utterly proud of how my Bluebell girl has handled everything, with grace and maturity and absolute devotion to her sister. We have a really special day planed just for her to show our appreciation. Things rock our world too and her strength and perfectness has made things so much easier. I am so proud of them both for different reasons this week. Well done girls, the sisters will conquer all in life! (But hopefully they will never have to really break one another out of prison!)


The tooth fairy Book

The question keep’s being asked so it was time to take charge and give some answers, this book was left with a flurry of fairy dust scattered by the fairy door. Twinkle Teeths book of life! Enjoy Miss.Bluebell!

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The birthdays are done for another year for both girls now. High tea and high heels so pretty and girly and stylish with very special friends for the Bluebell. All the friends being picked up by a old style VW camper to get to our house. And a car themed disco for the Fleur, inviting the whole world and his friends. Both parties so different yet both fun. I love my little girls differences and yet both embraces the others dreams and go along with it. Helping each other to get ready was so special and not suggested by me. The little one saying ” let me help you with your buttons because you helped me with my tights” long may the sisterly love last. With her birthday money she asked what her older sister would be buying from the toy shop. ” well she doesn’t have any money, its yours” without hesitation she offered to share it. In the shop she told her sister to have whatever she wanted, it was her money and she was buying. Not many children would have that generosity to the sibling. She chooses her best friends wisely as well, I was so touched at her party, the Pinnate broke and the kids ran for the sweets. The birthday girl didn’t get one as she was in the wrong place, however her best friend from her class walked over, while the other children ran past clutching their finds, she shyly came over and said “Have two of mine, its your birthday.” This left her with only one. I made a point to stop the grandmother who was collecting her, I think its important to share these moments with the carer, let them have the glory. I know my little one would have done the same to a friend shes a nice kid too and I am so proud of her.

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Christmas cooking and Christingles

Today was one of those wonderful days, that started off with a lie in ( incredible and so needed) and then a day of us cooking, getting ready for the Christmas season. I often think that the build-up to the all important Christmas day is more fun than the day itself for children and in our house its no exception. I totally love Christmas, I embrace it all entirely and every day of December I aim to do something wonderful and seasonal with the flower girls. This morning the girls rushed over to Grannies house to open my old advent calendar that I had as a child. Its a pocket one full of gifts. Today’s I was prepared for a Chocolate Rocky Road Christmas house, so I had planned a day of Christmas baking at home around that. We made mince pies and a yule log also. I told the girls how I learnt to cook from my Nan and today I passed on tips on how to make the perfect pastry, my Grandmothers voice echoing in my head, and how to tell if a chocolate cake is ready to come out of the oven. The poor poor Bluebell girl stuck her finger in the middle of the cake making a hole, she was so upset being such a sensitive soul, I explained it didn’t matter, if we make mistakes while still a child its not the end of the world and we learn, however if she ever became a famous cook and was baking for a queen and did that, maybe the consequences would be more. Make the mistakes while still young and we can just laugh if off. It still broke her heart though, but the thick chocolate icing covered it all.
The flower girls love to cook and we created for over three hours of hard graft before they asked to leave to play.
The evening time was the beautiful Christingle service in our local church affiliated to our school. I love this service as they dim the lights when the children have their Christingle’s lit and sing “oh little town of Bethlehem”
The girls are full of the Christmas story at present its brimming over. The little ones first school Nativity where she was Angle Gabriel. She was a dream in the show and I loved her passion for holding Jesus tight and her delivering the baby so solemn and proud. She is asking so many questions and and this young age its only natural to confuse things sometimes. Today in church she whispered ” I know how Jesus died, the three Kings nailed him” the Easter story crossing over, it made me smiled however barbaric it sounded!

Most have their trees now, for me its still slightly early however we have to bring it forward nowadays for the girls as they need this ritual as soon as everybody else does. I am looking forward to more Christmas moments, we have already qued for hours to see Santa and in our Cornish town he arrives on a lifeboat and this year kidnapped by pirates!!! only here in Cornwall would that happen. It was such good fun and I know that those memories will stay with the girls until adulthood… well they would wouldn’t they??

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