celebrating the little things

I write this blog to remember the things I love about my kids mainly and the life we have here with them in Cornwall.
I totally believe its the little achievements that make a child buzz. During the summer I took the girls to an art gallery that was celebrating children and letting them join in. All around were easel’s for the children visiting to creat. The Bluebell girl loves to draw and colour and she sat right down and started. She chose a very hard classic painting of fishermen hauling in the nets on a rough sea. In her awkward way she didn’t move her easel but twisted her body and head to try and see her subject. She sat like this for an hour. I watched an older lady walk in and take a seat and watch her, she sat for a good while watching my little girl at work. As her drawing was about to come to a finish the lady approached me and asked me if she was my child. ” She has a gift” she said. It made the Bluebells day when I told her she was so proud of her work and it was really good. It was a comment, passing really to the ears of a child. But it made a massive impact on my little shy artistic girl and I was so proud.

Today she won “star of the Week” in school today for being a good friend. For me this beats any spelling test achievement, or sports or dance award. This a life skill and a fantastic one. As I cuddled and kissed her in the playground she was glowing. Over supper we spoke about who she was such a good friend to. ” Everyone,” she said “I made a point to play with different people and not leave anyone out, and play with the girls that don’t often get asked to join in, I did it because I knew the teacher wanted us to be kind to everyone and not just our special friends, and I told her what i did” Wow! so what she still hasn’t managed to get ten out of ten in her spellings this year, that’s what guess text is all about!

The little one achieves in a different way, she spring dives into the swimming pool in her lesson like no four year old I have ever seen. She can dive to the bottom of this really deep pool to retrieve objects. Her little muscled legs will take her anywhere at terrific speed. Do they compete? never! they are so very different they complement each other and are proud of each others talents. The Bluebell only informed me tonight that she doesn’t sink while doing the back stroke, the water just rises over her head and body, she doesn’t understand why, but its definitely the pool and not her fault at all. The little one who hasn’t sunk since she was 2 in the water looked with marvel that the water never does that for her, that sounded exciting!