We found a place were pirates once lived

We found a place where pirates once lived! the tiny coves and caves, the coastline so pretty. I told the girls my stories of pirates and treasure. An old couple walking by called me a romantic, but I liked my story, it was fitting to the place i am sure. We spent hours there although there was not much to do, we hung out at the small harbour watching the world go by, we chatted and foraged for sloes and blackberries. The fishing village seemed so different from the one we live in, a different feel and I did fall a little in love with it, I felt like I had gone back to another time. After we went on somewhere else, a really posh harbour to the poshest fish and chip shop ever! It wasn’t as nice though really and no pirate stories sprang to mind.

IMG_7949 IMG_7951 IMG_7963 IMG_7973 IMG_7974 IMG_7976 IMG_7983


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