First day of school

She skips and hops her way through life and pretty much did the same for school.
As her name was called she jumped and bounced towards the teacher, then ran…. past the teacher and through the hall, into the corridor where she stopped. The hall of parents erupted with laughter and the head said ” well you will never forget her first day of school will you!” she didn’t come back to find out why she wasn’t followed immediately, she shrugged her shoulders and she waited on her own for the other kids.
I am proud to have such a confident child who loves what life throws her way, but in my heart of hearts I would possibly have liked a little bit of clinginess, or even a kiss goodbye! The beautiful bluebell girl went off as always without a peep. Such wonderful rounded girls I have.

When she retuned from her big adventure of the first day of school I asked her if anyone had been told off. ” only one child” she merrily told me. Then added ” and it was me”. She said it with flair and honesty and absolutely no remorse what so ever. My Mum and I laughed. I never thought I would laugh at such a thing, but she brings out the very worse in me and makes me not mind either! The bluebell girl felt her pain though for her and was simply horrified at the thought ” on her first day” she may never forgive this action on behalf of her sister, but really it was water off a ducks back. She only went to play when it was sitting down time, to be honest I am not worried!
I placed a little letter in the bluebells lunch box today, wishing her luck and telling her how I will miss her beautiful smile. She has got to the age she can now read, pretty much anything. So grown up she smiled shyly at me after school, almost an afterthought and said ” I liked the note you gave to me today, thank you” Six weeks ago she wouldn’t have said it like that, she just sounded so grown up, is this possible in just one day?


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