Mermaid Pools

We spent the day in special places, we found pools were we were sure mermaids live. We saw views that took our breath away and we found caves and had to rush back before the sea cut us away from land. What a fantastic day. We ate a picnic on a beach and we climbed rocks.

A village that time forgot seemed to affect us all, we felt like we were the only people in the world at that point. The sun was shinning and it was just us, the sort of day you feel like you are in a film its so unreal and beautiful. This day is one of those you never forget, it goes into that flicker book of memories.

We stumbled upon a church and climbed a wall to access the graveyard. The door to the church was unlocked and so we entered. The mere feeling and serenity of the building made the little one hush her voice, we walked around gazing at things then she said in a loud whisper ” I think we should go now Mama as I don’t really think we should be in this house” I loved the fact she happily followed me in, as her mother, she came my way even though she then thought better of it. How funny, her eyes were sparkling with a mischievous glint, delighted that we did something we may not be allowed to do. I told her it is Gods house and we are always welcome ” Really?” “wow” “So he’s not going to tell us to get out of his house then?”

My niece loved her comment in the graveyard ” A dying competition” a strange concept, but so innocently said it was not offensive in any way, maybe the graves represented to her a trophy, which I guess they are your trophy to completing life and its amazing journey. Out of the mouths of babes.