A day of two farms

Two farms in one day. A pony ride at my friends farm, where the flower girls can get dirty and thrive on running through hay, shovelling horse poo and holding baby chicks. One girl just loving the farm life the other taking to riding as if she was born to be on a horse. Then onto a friendly farm, an Easter day out! fish on the BBQ, animals to gaze at, the sun shinning so bright, hard cracked ground, a sight not often seen in England.

Easter time, a time for new life, asparagus poking through the soil, leaves growing and buds showing. A beautiful day with very old and good friend’s. Sunkissed faces and lots of laughter. Playing with sticks and making funny sounds down dirty silver pipes meant for a poly tunnel yet to be built. Simple things that cost nothing, but all the same the best game ever. Happy children, big girl on a sleepover, little one in with me.

IMG_5720IMG_5728IMG_5730IMG_5732IMG_5735IMG_5722 IMG_5723





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