The new Bedroom

The girls have a new room. Custom made by their Papa it has a slide, a swing chair, its a triple bed with the top one being a double. Needless to say its gone down a treat. My personal favourite part is the memory shelves. The treasures they make, you want to keep them forever, but they have no where to go, we now have a place. They can showcase their talents and keep them safe and we can gaze at them always. I also have the first shoes and the embroidered name/date and weight pictures. I love it!

You know a bedroom is good when they run off to make a lego building of it!

The room is every girls dream and they are so proud of their room. It came at a perfect time for them as their papa went on holiday without them for the first time ever! the new room was a distraction. I was so very proud of my babies who where a total joy to spend time with. They behaved perfectly, we did lots together and had a real girly time. When he returned he crept upstairs for they were still awake. The older one tentatively asked if he had a present for them, the younger one replied with he is here is is our present. Her love for him is so very strong and so pure. That comment melted my heart and he must have felt a million dollars!


IMG_5534 IMG_5535 IMG_5539






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