Life is like a field of flowers

I am at my happiest surrounded with flowers. This time of year is a good time for me in Cornwall. The hedgerow’s are bursting with colour. Cowslips, wild primroses, wild garlic and the first bluebells poking through. The Daffs are coming to an end, but you still find a field shot with yellow colour, like a paintbrush has been swept over it.

The other week we went to a cornish flower show. A place with lots of OPAs wearing wax jackets and wellies, a great lack of children and tons and tons of flowers, everywhere. I was so happy and content to be wandering through such amazing beauty. Myself and the Bluebell girl picking up tips of great things we can do together. A garden in a cupcake holder being one of my favourites. The little one wasn’t so keen, but was thrilled to be zooming in and out of tents so freely and enjoyed the space and the vast country side to run in. I think my passion for flowers has passed to the calm, serene older one. A child who doesn’t ask for much wanted to take a flower home.IMG_5596 IMG_5595 IMG_5594 IMG_5593 IMG_5592 IMG_5589 IMG_5591





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