Cornish Coves and pebble beaches

The storms have past, but the damage does remain, we couldn’t walk down to our favourite cove in the world today, the steps are too unsafe. We took another route, the little flower girls kept up the pace. So happy to be out in the sunshine, the laughter and frivolity infectious. They both were in beautiful moods today, this is not rare as they are both such great kids however today they went that extra mile, running up to plant kisses on us, looking out for each other, totally delightful.

The last two weekend’s we have gone on adventures. I love this, we jump in the car, picnic packed and head for a place that we decide on while en-route. Cornwall is perfect as everywhere is so divine. Away from the golden sands we have found ourselves, heading for the pebble beaches. As we live surrounded by beautiful fine sand the girls have been delighted by these harsh shores. We took no beach toys and used the natural habitat. Shells doubling up as eyelashes and moustaches made the little ones scream with laughter. We built a path, it took most of the afternoon, we paddled in the stream, we made rock piles, like a stone age Jenger.

The waters shone like turquoise mermaid pools, I so wanted to dive in, but the chill is still in the air, although the strong sun tingled on our skin, quite possibly the first of our summer tans started on this very day.

We ate our lunch and the little one found a rock “table” and a rock “chair” she proudly took all her different courses over to eat. As always she didn’t consume much, but what was eaten was eaten with a certain flourish!

The girls formed brief but strong friendships as children can on beaches. I love these alliances there is no history, no hint of a past fall out and they play beautifully. You never see these kids again, but for a moment in time they are the bestest friend in the world!

The Cornish Daffs are in full bloom, field and filed of sunshine yellow filling our countryside, we pulled in for our annual photoshoot, now a firm tradition, the girls know the drill: don’t tread on the flowers and smile. They did it, we were pleased.

I have had the most fantastic quality time as a family until these last weekend, the evening have been filled with surf lifesaving and eating out with our friends and their kids, another delight. Life at the moment couldn’t be any better!



Lifes Simple Things

Today the sun shone and the weather was dry. Felt like we hadn’t just knocked about our local beaches for too long. I made a picnic, packed the bubble wands and some felt tip pens. We spent the day nibbling, chasing bubbles and painting shells. Letters were wrote from mermaids to humans on stone slates and left for other children to find. Sea shells were decorated with butterfly’s and patterns. Today cost us nothing but time, and it was just beautiful family time together. As the waves crashed on the shore and the gulls cried out their songs of sorrow and joy, it felt great to be back!