Christmas trees on a Cornish Beach

The last couple of days the sun has seemed to be shining more so than the rain lashing down. The high winds have gone and the Bluebell girl noticed the daffodils poking through the grass on her way home from school. Her excitement was infectious, and she squealed with delight as she noticed more and more as our journey home continued.

Cornwall has been ravished by storms this Winter, the news has been full of horror stories and family and friends up county have been worried about us. We have been fine, we lost a chunk of roof, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed, we have been lucky.

There have been some beautiful days this winter though. We decided to bury our Christmas Tree a few weeks back. It was a decision made to “save the sands” it was figured that an organic bank would act as a wall to build up the sand dunes and at the same time stop our landfills being filled with dead trees from Christmas. Of course we embraced this idea. Dig, play go to a beach we hardly ever go to and do some good? we were there.

It was an amazing sight a beautiful sunny day, the sea sparkling, the golden Cornish sands, troops of people carrying spades and rows and rows of Christmas trees, almost standing to attention overlooking the sea. It was like they were saying there job is done, but we have found another purpose. The girls were over joyed to be part of this amazing pilgrimage and the weather played the game.

I love this little corner of Cornwall, its surfy, but not commercial at all, its local and lived in and a little tatty. We walked over the dunes, we crossed a small stream and on the sandy banks was a park. The girls had unadulterated fun and the little one learnt to swing on her own ( kind of)

I was people watching, as I do, and there’s something about Cornish kids, they have this look like they have really played. There hair is slightly wilder, their skin always has a touch of colour, their clothes are even slightly different and they have an air of freedom about them. Like the Christmas trees they know they have a purpose and its to play, play very hard, live the outdoor life and enjoy it to the max. It shows in their mannerisms and the way they play, they play with meaning. Its the salty sea air, I think it runs through them and they have a touch of the beach life running through their very being. I love seeing it and I know each and everyone, wherever they go and settle will always have something different about them and its about being born in Cornwall and the childhood they lead, it will stay with them forever.






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