Tea for Two

We don’t really drink English tea in our house, its coffee or peppermint tea.

The girls like a spot of peppermint tea every now and again and the other day I served them tea in their beautiful Emma Bridgewater ( https://www.google.co.uk/#q=emma+bridgewater&safe=off)  tea set, brought very inappropriately by the china loving Grandma. Its the sort of gift that has to be put away on a high shelve as we would all be traumatised by any breakages and we do have a ‘wild one’ in the house. But this particular morning all was relaxed and I served them tea. The whoops of delight from them were so lovely I could hear from the kitchen ” would you like more tea? ” “shall I pour for you?” like two elderly ladies in a Victorian stage play they went on like this for over an hour. It was such a pleasure to hear and a lovely game. They drank pots and pots that morning as it was all good fun. Granny was over joyed when I told her as she knows it rarely comes down to be played with. One day I will ask them to invite a friend round for high tea and pray the tea set survivesImage


As this blog is about our memories I must add in a few comments made from the little one: When called ” my treasure” from my mum last week she responded with ” I am not your treasure, I am not made of coins”

Today she asked if I will be bigger when its my birthday, I said yes, she laughed her little joyful laugh and said ” I thought you had stopped getting bigger Mama! ” and I laughed thinking yes… if only!



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