RIP Babylon The Black Cat

Last Summer we lost our dear old cat Babylon, it has taken me this long to be able to mention him on this Blog, but the new year has arrived and I feel he deserves a mention. He was so very special, my husband and I got him not long after we moved in together, he was there for every life changing moment in our lives; our marriage, our move to London, he was there in our Camper van completing the big move to our beloved Cornwall. He was there when we started out business, both of them! he was there when we brought home from hospital both our children. I cuddled him when my father passed away, he sat on my lap. I feel the 17 years he was in our lives, was when it all started. It was a huge loss to us all when he died. I want to thank him for everything he gave us all, the comfort, the laughs and most of all the company. I truly loved the black moggy cat and not a day goes by that I dont think about him. RIP my friend. We all miss you and the little one talks of you most days, when you left her you took a piece of her heart with you. Keep it safe, it was her gift to you. x



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