Mincepies and Art Rooms

Its been a few weeks since I blogged, for no reason other than life has got in the way I guess.

Christmas came and went in a flurry of wonderful times, special moments and laughter. Friends passed through the house, it was was time for sharing and giving and we were blessed to have to many fantastic people in our lives for those few days.

Boxing day brought sun and we went to the Harbour, we eat mince pies in the sun over a take away coffee. The girls played on the sand, we saw people we knew and the walk back home took forever, stopping to pass on Christmas greetings, the kids taking every opportunity to run wild in the cobbled streets. It was a really special day and one I will remember forever.

IMG_4728 IMG_4726

This year we have dropped a few after school activities in the week for the Bluebell. It wasn’t the major decision I thought it would be, it just happened. She only swims once a week after school now. I have asked her how she feels and she says she doesn’t miss the dance class, the yoga or the after school sports. Its only been a few weeks but its been wonderful. She loves coming home and playing. She is creative and she likes to make, this gives her the time, the space in her mind and the things she has ran downstairs to show me have been incredible. We had a little loo upstairs, it was never used apart from a place to pop the hoover. Last year we turned it into an “art room” I use the term loosely, but to the girls that what it is. Its a place to create, to make a mess, to use all the pens, paper, stickers to your hearts content. Its a place for projects. Nothing has to be packed away because its dinner time. The girls love it and I go in once ever few weeks and hoover up glitter off the floor, wash paint brushes out and put lids on paint pots. Other than that its their space.

IMG_0270 IMG_0269 IMG_0266 IMG_0264 IMG_0263


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