The meaning of Christmas

Had such a wonderful few days with our girls. Father Christmas experience at The Eden Project, which was magical, Ice skating, local Panto, the little one had to leave though as she was too scared.

Tonight I read the Nativity Story as a bedtime read, the little one asks so many questions, tonight’s was why is this story all about Jesus? as I explained we touched on Easter as well, her little mind I could tell was working ten to the dozen, working it all out. Her latest phrase is ” what does that mean” she says it with such passion and will question your answers, she really does want to know. Sometimes I think she seems older than her years, but then she said this! I explained how we celebrate the birth of Christ with giving gifts; ” But” said the wise Bluebell girl ” its not all about presents, its also about love” ” No its not,” yelled the little one ” Its about eating as many Charlie and Lola biscuits as you can, that’s the meaning of Christmas.” The difference in age, the difference in personality. I loved both answers for totally different reasons.

Our little seaside town is filling up again with visitors, people wandering about clutching pasties and tons of shopping bags. I miss my beach, I pass it everyday and our house over looks the pretty harbour, but I feel I haven’t been on it much lately. This Christmas holiday we will go, back to our little beach hut, now shut for the season. This beach will be near on empty, not many venture here out of season, we will bundle up and play and go for a hot chocolate somewhere. Our Christmas craft sessions are nearly over, there’s not much more we can make, so we must venture out again and enjoy our little seaside town.



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