The Winter Woods

Its become a Christmas family tradition to visit the Rogue Theatre‎ Winter Wood in Cornwall , every Christmas time. Outside theatre in a local wood, amazingly atmospheric, very creative and artistic and the children love it. Running through the trees adorned with crocheted stars , hanging lampshades and baubles to find Old Man WInter. Tying ribbon to a tree instructed by a fairy, making willow decorations. The whole experience  has a wonderful pagan feel to it.

The little one tearing through the woods as dusk was just about to fall, delighted yells of ” I have found one! found a fairy! here she is!” the older one running faster and faster with children she has never met before, delighted in the adventure. We came upon a man juggling fire, ” Wow he’s so brave” breathed the little one. Mesmerised she watched him, I felt she could have stayed there forever.

I love different experiences, I love seeing the girls delight in something out of the ordinary. I have always been a great believer that children need to appreciate the arts and I love the theatre myself. This is different this is slightly out of the box, and its a must! 


We have had a busy but such a special day today. The little one had her Montessori Nursery Christmas show. She delighted us with her continued bouncing with joy throughout the whole performance. We didn’t get the best seats in the house, but could see her little head bobbing up and down and every now and then she would peer around a child to give her sister first, and then us, the thumbs up. She was so pleased with herself and afterwards she came over and said ” I hope everybody enjoyed it” I love her with every inch of my heart, she is so crazy and yet so thoughtful all in one.

The Bluebell girl came runner up in the Arts Society Christmas Card Competition. She went to an award ceremony after the show, there were carols and wine and food. She felt so important and grown up. For a child that has often said she will be an artist one day, this was really important to her. To be fair, this was not her best work, it was a bit rushed as the deadline for completion approached, so I was thrilled for her.  It was so wonderful to celebrate their achievements together on the same day. They both felt so wonderful, for different reasons tonight and we as parents clapped and cheered the afternoon away.

This is what being a Mum is all about for me, sharing things as a family, doing things together and enjoying each others successes. Tomorrow we are off to see the ‘real’ FC, they have just sussed that some are dressed up, there have been so many this year, every play group we go to one appears. I have had to admit that some are just fancy dress for fun, otherwise it doesn’t ring true. I cant let the belief go yet, I have too much fun to have with them!

Still a week to go and many more things to do!




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