New Boiler

So we have no heating, two nights and three days so far. There is something quite reminiscent of olden days tucking your kids in at night with woolly blankets knitted by their great Grandma and piling on the covers and quilts on top. I remember my mum telling me a story of when she was a child there actually being ice on the inside of her bedroom window at night, and then having to use an outside loo. Times have changed, we have been loaned a plug in heater to blast around the house, but there is still a distinct chill in the air and this morning the little flower girls were cold, very cold.

Friday nights always used to be sleepover nights, the bluebell would jump into the little ones double bed, there would be popcorn and a movie on my ipad, this all dreamed up by Dad of course! but then the little one wanted her sister more than just the one night a week, and the sister who was always so fiercely protective of her own bedroom space suddenly didnt want to be sleeping alone at night either, so now they share a double bed. When I go into check on them at night I often disturb the light sleepers, and little fleur’s hand will automatically stretch to her sister for a reassuring touch. A contented smile on her face as she is not alone and then she snuggles back down. For me this is pure heaven to see. The last two nights the little angels have been found at midnight cuddled up together like little dormice. They want bunk beds this year and I am sad this special time will be over once that happens, but i will never forget my little ones cuddling up to stay warm on these cold nights this week.

Our house has been a B&B as long anyone can remember. A few years ago it became a family home for the first time in many many years. For those of you buying an old B&B, they are not all they seem, years of added on extensions, owners who thought they were electricians/plumbers/roofers as well as builders leave behind them a trail of hidden horrors. Our house this week had had many a heating engineer scratching there head’s. Our lovely workmen cant wait for this job to be over, we cant wait to have a warm house for the first time since we have lived here. Those north westerly winds wont hit us as hard hopefully this winter, our gaping hole in our 100 year old roof has been fixed and hopefully we are in for a cosy Christmas. Our week of living in days gone by wont be forgotten, but we are looking forward to the luxury of living in the 21st century once again!



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