Pool Parties!

Our baby turned four at the weekend. I swear I turned my back for only a second and she went from being  baby in my arms to a four year old!

Unlike the sister, her parties are not planned to the minute detail, instead its all about the most fun she has ever had and repeating it. So like her third birthday party, it had to be in a pool and it had to be a Minnie Mouse theme. This year we let her have full rein of who she invited, rather than guiding her on who was to be invited, she choose carefully and a wide selection, her friends from the Tennis Club, Salvation Army playgroup friends, playground friends that she has hijacked at the school gates and her beach pals, and then the little girl that she befriended all on her own at nursery. At 26 kids I drew the line, the 27th was a little boy who is nearly seven, who none of us know really, but she has taken a shine to him, she shares any treats she has with him and always makes a point of saying Hi, but I kind of figured he wouldn’t care to come so his invite didn’t make it.

I am not a lover of party bags, in fact I loath them, so every year I try to shy away from the plastic rubbish from Tescos and try to do something different, one year I planted up vintage teacups with tiny flowers for the kids to take and look after, another year it was make your own gingerbread cookies in a bag, another year decorate your own cupcake. This year the girls and I baked Micky mouse biscuits and made sweetie butterfly’s. A whole week of crafting and baking, all three of us were in our element!

The party was a success and my sweet, crazy wild thing loved every moment. Often birthday parties are over whelming to the child whose day it is, and I thought possible she was a tad quieter than normal, but I saw my friend today who described her as ‘buzzing’, so maybe it was only me who noticed.

I have loved every moment of the last four years, she has brought me more joy than I thought possible. I find myself roaring with laughter ever day. She fills my world with smiles and fun. We scoot to school, we play “running man” all the way home from town everyday. This involves me pretending to be an ape and she a man running from the ape, I have to roar and beat my chest and run as fast as I can, and I do. I would imagine I am known as the crazy lady who lives up the hill, but whatever. She brings out the wild side in all who enter into her world. I love her with all my heart and cant believe this is my last year of full time Fleur. When I think of losing her to school I could cry, so I am making the most of every single day. Therefore I beat my chest with passion and let out the cry of the wild as I run up the hills of our little seaside town with the little blond wild thing running ahead of me giggling and screaming with delight.




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