New Boiler

So we have no heating, two nights and three days so far. There is something quite reminiscent of olden days tucking your kids in at night with woolly blankets knitted by their great Grandma and piling on the covers and quilts on top. I remember my mum telling me a story of when she was a child there actually being ice on the inside of her bedroom window at night, and then having to use an outside loo. Times have changed, we have been loaned a plug in heater to blast around the house, but there is still a distinct chill in the air and this morning the little flower girls were cold, very cold.

Friday nights always used to be sleepover nights, the bluebell would jump into the little ones double bed, there would be popcorn and a movie on my ipad, this all dreamed up by Dad of course! but then the little one wanted her sister more than just the one night a week, and the sister who was always so fiercely protective of her own bedroom space suddenly didnt want to be sleeping alone at night either, so now they share a double bed. When I go into check on them at night I often disturb the light sleepers, and little fleur’s hand will automatically stretch to her sister for a reassuring touch. A contented smile on her face as she is not alone and then she snuggles back down. For me this is pure heaven to see. The last two nights the little angels have been found at midnight cuddled up together like little dormice. They want bunk beds this year and I am sad this special time will be over once that happens, but i will never forget my little ones cuddling up to stay warm on these cold nights this week.

Our house has been a B&B as long anyone can remember. A few years ago it became a family home for the first time in many many years. For those of you buying an old B&B, they are not all they seem, years of added on extensions, owners who thought they were electricians/plumbers/roofers as well as builders leave behind them a trail of hidden horrors. Our house this week had had many a heating engineer scratching there head’s. Our lovely workmen cant wait for this job to be over, we cant wait to have a warm house for the first time since we have lived here. Those north westerly winds wont hit us as hard hopefully this winter, our gaping hole in our 100 year old roof has been fixed and hopefully we are in for a cosy Christmas. Our week of living in days gone by wont be forgotten, but we are looking forward to the luxury of living in the 21st century once again!



The Cornish Girls hit London town

I love London! My most informative years were spent in this big dirty city. It was the first place i lived on my own, I brought my first property there, got my first job there, went to collage there. It was a place of big decisions, big moments, making big friendships and if I am honest big partying also. I love London.

However I gave it up, I left the fantastic job, said tearful goodbyes to the friends, packed up my beloved flat and moved to Cornwall. The salty sea and golden sands were calling me and it was time to move on.

I want my girls to love my old city though, I want them to know it, and I also want to go back to Selfridges every once in a while. So once or twice a year we make the journey. We give the girls experiences of the tourist London, and also a bit of people watching, soaking up other cultures and being in the hustle and bustle that we only get here on an August bank holiday weekend when the sun is shinning.

One of my best London moments was when the older one said last year ” hey I know where we are! this is Trafalgar Square!” She wasn’t even five, result!

The Bluebell, our little artist, drew an amazing scene of London before we went, The Shard being the most significant as that was the highlight of our trip. She drew The Thames, the double decker buses, The Eye, the cable car, Big Ben, All the things that had thrilled her on our last visits.



The little one drew Space!


This trip was a little bit of school work, The Great Fire of London and buildings that they will be covering next term, meeting up with my friends kids and the famous Planetarium.

Fleur has shown an interest recently in Space, I believe her best friend Sonny-Jim inspired the interest and it grew when I brought a book on the planets. We took a trip to Greenwich and the experience terrified her! As our seats reclined and the voice announced ‘our journey into space’ she screamed in terror, and she wanted to leave. I managed to calm her down by lying her across me but her little body shook everytime the darkness fell to take us to the next place. ” where are we going to now, where are they taking us, what will happen” she said. I realised she thought we were on a real journey into space. However the older one, and usually not the braver of the two, asked questions and then said that it wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be. I was disappointed, one traumatised child and a bored one. They journey there took forever, the entrance fee was steep and the cafe terrible! what a disaster. Or was it? it started in the gift shop ” Hey boy! did you know that Pluto is far from the sun, did you? did you?” the little one shouted at a bemused two year old and its gone on, every day we are bombarded with SPACE questions. Quite intense ones for a child who has only just turned four. My favourite ( or should I say most disturbing) one being;  “in 5 billion years when the sun explodes and dies, will it go to heaven? and if it does, will it burn everyone who is there Mama? will it? will it? ” the passion for planets and space has gone beyond anything I could have imagined. They read books, they draw planets and they play planets. For a terrifying and quite boring day trip I feel a lot has been got out of it.

So many things happened in a short space of time, they danced outside Buckingham Palace and climbed the railings, they chilled with lions in Trafalgar Square, they stroked one of the Queens horses, I kid you not!, we wandered the streets of China Town and hung out in Covent Garden, we saw Mummies in the British Museum. But for me the best bits? The wild one, thrilled on the underground platform doing air guitar as the tube pulled in and the whole platform of commuters smiling. For every step we took she jumped three. Neither of the kids ever moaned or cried and we walked them miles and miles, they just loved it all.

When we got home I grilled the Persian Holy bread I brought in a little corner shop in Edgware Road, I served it with Dukka and oil with Dahl and we sat at our table, back home in beautiful Cornwall and we tasted a bit of London. I miss the foods from around the globe, because with me life is all about food, but you can always bring it back with you!


Today I had a couple of hours to kill before the school run, so we jumped on the little train and went the one stop to school, sat on the beach and watched three seals dance in the waves, we ate ice cream on the sand in the middle of November and then we flicked little Moon Jelly fish back into the sea so they didn’t dry out. We didn’t buy exotic bread from far off lands, we didn’t feel the need to air guitar, but as I sat on that empty beach I know why I only back now for fun to lovely London.



Pool Parties!

Our baby turned four at the weekend. I swear I turned my back for only a second and she went from being  baby in my arms to a four year old!

Unlike the sister, her parties are not planned to the minute detail, instead its all about the most fun she has ever had and repeating it. So like her third birthday party, it had to be in a pool and it had to be a Minnie Mouse theme. This year we let her have full rein of who she invited, rather than guiding her on who was to be invited, she choose carefully and a wide selection, her friends from the Tennis Club, Salvation Army playgroup friends, playground friends that she has hijacked at the school gates and her beach pals, and then the little girl that she befriended all on her own at nursery. At 26 kids I drew the line, the 27th was a little boy who is nearly seven, who none of us know really, but she has taken a shine to him, she shares any treats she has with him and always makes a point of saying Hi, but I kind of figured he wouldn’t care to come so his invite didn’t make it.

I am not a lover of party bags, in fact I loath them, so every year I try to shy away from the plastic rubbish from Tescos and try to do something different, one year I planted up vintage teacups with tiny flowers for the kids to take and look after, another year it was make your own gingerbread cookies in a bag, another year decorate your own cupcake. This year the girls and I baked Micky mouse biscuits and made sweetie butterfly’s. A whole week of crafting and baking, all three of us were in our element!

The party was a success and my sweet, crazy wild thing loved every moment. Often birthday parties are over whelming to the child whose day it is, and I thought possible she was a tad quieter than normal, but I saw my friend today who described her as ‘buzzing’, so maybe it was only me who noticed.

I have loved every moment of the last four years, she has brought me more joy than I thought possible. I find myself roaring with laughter ever day. She fills my world with smiles and fun. We scoot to school, we play “running man” all the way home from town everyday. This involves me pretending to be an ape and she a man running from the ape, I have to roar and beat my chest and run as fast as I can, and I do. I would imagine I am known as the crazy lady who lives up the hill, but whatever. She brings out the wild side in all who enter into her world. I love her with all my heart and cant believe this is my last year of full time Fleur. When I think of losing her to school I could cry, so I am making the most of every single day. Therefore I beat my chest with passion and let out the cry of the wild as I run up the hills of our little seaside town with the little blond wild thing running ahead of me giggling and screaming with delight.