I said hey baby… take a walk on the wild side

Its that time of year when here in Cornwall we get our wild days. I love them. I call them my ‘windy hair’ days and there’s nothing I like better than going out and letting the elements do their thing!

The other day we dropped the Bluebell at school and then the wild one went to nursery for her little play session. A spur of the moment decision was made and the husband and I snuck off to our favourite beach cafe for an unplanned brunch. The sea was crazy this particular morning, wildly throwing foam across the bank of sand, almost like it was some strange sea snow.

From the cosiness of our cafe sea view window how I longed to to be there, the husband, never one for wild winter days did not share my views. I watched a runner running up and down the shore line. Something I never intend to do or be, running is not my passion. But I admired him on such a day , maybe I slightly envied him, being at one with the elements doing something he loved.

As I watched he suddenly  ripped off his top and just waded into the sea. With joy he swam and laughed and threw his head back. I enjoyed watching him so much, I loved the fact the sea could hold such a power to lure him in, there were no towels, he didn’t plan this he just did it, he had the calling of the wild.

I love days like this, I love seeing people throwing caution to the wind.

After my hot chocolate and raspberry muffin were consumed I went to the waters edge. I admit I didn’t strip off and throw myself in. But I felt the force of the seas power. I let the foam wet my jeans and my shoes. It made me smile and made me forget for a moment the every day rubbish. It was a good day, a day I will remember.



Today was a wet day, it didn’t hold the drama of the previous. I had every intention of going somewhere, but when it came to it, I didn’t want to. I made six lasagne’s for the freezer, did a bit of housework and decided the winter activities needed to come out for the kids. Those day’s when you want your kids in the cosy kitchen, the oven on, the sauces bubbling on the stove, doing something wonderful. I got the paints out and looked at the veggi ends that where going into the bin. The good old fashioned vegetable printing. They loved it, the paint got everywhere, all over the kitchen floor the table, their clothes. They had such fun. When the cooking was done I joined them and had forgotten what fun it was! We had such a lovely afternoon. I don’t think the table will ever be quite the same, but it doesn’t matter to be honest. The boiler top is full of sheets of sugar paper drying off various butterfly’s, trees and such the like and dinner still happened on time. The wild one with a smear of blue across her nose reminded me of a red Indian wearing war paint. I liked the look and she was unaware.

The other day the husband said to me ” when did she grow up?’ its funny we are with her everyday and suddenly over night she has changed. Her speech is so very developed now and the things she says in her little ‘Charlie and Lola’ voice are so very astute and so very grown up. Its as if every second I blink I miss something and she has changed again. Nearly four years old, its a really special time and I am honoured to be able to witness it all. Her sister has always been quite profound, but our little baby, to be honest, has just been joyful and crazy. She now has another string to her bow, the wise one! I really don’t think she will ever be as wise as the Bluebell, who only today when I helped out at school really didn’t want to totally complete the task as she knew the task next set would be harder, and she just couldn’t be bothered with yet more sentences to write just yet ( oh REALLY!) but she is wise in a totally different way. Only the other day when I compared myself to my mother as being young she told me that ” actually, she was the only child around here, you Mama, are not that young! ”

I am looking forward to the nights drawing in, I am ready for it now. A few weeks ago I was still hankering after summer, but now I am ready to get the arts and crafts into full swing, stock the freezer with goodies, make Jam and spend lots of time in my kitchen with the girls creating and filling the house with wonderful cooking smells. Bring it on wild Cornish Winter I am ready for you! ( but this year please can you leave the roof tiles on the house as last year I think that took it wildness a little bit too far! Ta very much!)







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