Squeezing the last drop of summer

So the sun shone on Sunday, it had been a week of wind and raindrops.

We went to a lovely party and the girls played in the garden there. Determined not to waste a precious drop of what could be the last of this years summer we met up with friends after and went blackberry picking. The Cornish Coastal town we live in is small, and yet they took me down paths I have never walked. It was lovely, the children more keen to find doc leafs for the one nettle sting, the pain long forgotten, but the mission not, than blackberries. Us friends catching up on life and the bits we had missed. We ambled and chatted and filled our buckets.

When the day was over, we just couldn’t go home, so we sat on the harbour wall and ate fish and chips with mushy peas. The sun rays bounced off the sea. I felt like I was on holiday and yet we could see our house. It was comforting to get such a pleasurable feeling so close to home. The girls played at the waters edge and jumped the ropes that tied up the fishing boats. Time seemed to stand still, and I felt so happy. The last drops of summer are always the best. This year has been wonderful, filled with sand and smiles and really special friends. Sunday was just perfect, as I lapped up the fading sun, watching my family play, I realised life really doesn’t get better than this.



To me she’s the worlds most beautiful butterfly


And we walked down paths we never knew existed and yet we have lived here years!


September sun, in the garden at a party.


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