We swing and we talk

It was wet and windy last night and this morning there was a distinct chill in the air. Even though I would have loved to have spent the morning with my little one in a cosy coffee shop, I gave her the choice on what to do. The park it was.

Everything in the park was soaking wet and once we got there she decided that she couldn’t possibly go on anything other than a swing. We were of course the only ones silly or brave enough to be in a park on such a cold damp morning. As I pushed her higher and higher a conversation started. We chatted about everything; what was the swing made out of? what is rubber? what is rubber matting for? was just a few of her questions. She then went over conversations that she had had with our friends and her granny who had taken her to the park a few months ago. It was at this point that I realised I hadn’t really ever had a proper conversation with her ever in a park before. Parks are nearly always filled with friends, new and old. On a really quite day the sister is at least there. So she has no time to stop and chat to me normally, the air is normally filled with shrieks and laughter.

My mind also went back to another park moment, so long ago now, it was just before her first birthday and we took her to that very park. It was the first time we had taken her for her enjoyment and not just a baby in a car seat watching her older sibling having fun. It was that very swing I pushed her on. She smiled so much that morning, but of course didn’t utter a word. How three years can change everything.

My wet park morning may have ruined my very inappropriate footwear I had on, but I gleaned so much from my little one and we had conversations we wouldn’t have had at home with the distraction of toys and etc. I am so glad that on a wet damp morning we were the only two who braved our little local park.


My little one, her first ever swing November 2010.


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