The plait, The Gap and the note!

My oldest daughter ( aged 6 ) reminds me so much of myself as a child and seems to love all that I loved. I am sure I am not alone in totally embracing that and I find myself doing things that I loved as a child for her. The whole tooth fairy thing I embraced, I was worried for a while got slightly out of hand. I loved the joy of the tooth fairy visits as a young girl, the sheer magic of what went on ,the notes she left me and the tiny gifts. So when it was was my turn to ‘become’ the fairy, a fairy door appeared in the bedroom, sparkling fairy dust scattered across the bedroom carpet, even a small glass milk bottle was left outside the fairy door on one occasion. But then the notes back started! of course they did!  shes a mini me! not content with a one way communication system, she wanted direct contact, she wanted her questions answered! ‘What do you look like? leave me a picture! ‘ OMG! I managed to talk her out of that request, so then she asked for another fairy gift! ( as she loved them so all the way from fairy land)  then I started to wonder if she had sussed me out and was testing me? It was all too much, was my six year old the double bluffer?

Fortunately we have now reached tooth number three, things seemed have calmed down. She looses it, I do the coin ( and a note, with a touch of sparkle, I just cant help myself!) and we are then done, there’s a flurry of morning excitement, but it doesn’t go past that, and go on for days… weeks even like the first one.

So going back to today and my recreating of childhood memories. The sausage meat plait! Did anyone else make this in home ec.? I was so chuffed with mine as a child, I had plaited pastry! on my own. So tonight we did this 1970’s master piece. ( but with Veggi Sausage meat)  She LOVED it, I knew she would! and it looked great, just as I had remembered it. She wants to have it in her lunchbox tomorrow. ” The whole thing?”

Its so lovely having the opportunity to do all those things you loved as a child. The little wild one is nothing like her sister or me, shes like her Dad, so she goes to Tennis, we take her to parks with zip wires and drop slides, she keeps snails and caterpillars. I am learning through my other half what makes her tick and I am embracing things I never thought I would. I find myself cheering as she literally throws her little body off a drop slide at our local indoor play area. The other mums gasp and I cheer her on! its not what I wanted as a child but the hubby totally gets it and I am trying, you have too, she has absolutely no interest in my veggi sausage meat plait!



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