First day at nursery


The little Fleur: Aged 3 years and 10 months.

First day at Montessori Nursery

When I grow up I want to be a cleaner.

So we survived, all of us. I went straight into the little town we live in, for the first time in years without a little hand holding onto mine, I had no buggy, I had no baby-wipes in my handbag. I was my own person again. The shop I needed to go to wasn’t open in our little sleepy Harbour-side town, in fact most of the shops were still closed, it wasn’t even 10am. I didn’t want a beach cafe, or even a sea view, I wanted somewhere where I wouldn’t see anyone I knew and I just wanted to sit on my own and drink coffee. Of course I bumped into someone I knew, its the nature of where we live, we laughed and chatted and she grabbed her coffee to go.

I ordered a pastry I didn’t even fancy, just because I felt I deserved it and I read a paper, I then walked through town and spent a fortune on nothing much, just because I had time to browse and flick through books and think really. I don’t quite know if I have actually thought much in the last six years, you tend not too when you are negotiating where the nearest loo is for a desperate toddler,  or wondering where you put that nappy/snack/library pass.

She had a lovely day, and came home with a glowing report and a series of photos of exactly what she did, she said she loved it, and they seemed to love her ( well they would say that wouldn’t they?) but when we asked her if she would like to go back, she said ‘no’

The older sister had a chat and she told her she will be going back and wanted to, so I am left unsure as to what she really wants. We will give it another go next week and then assess if its the right thing. But she did do the washing up there, so she’s well on her way to being qualified for the job of her dreams.


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