When it all gets too much… I make bread!

I would like to write about my day today.

I feel like today is a milestone day, today I met my Bluebell girls new year two teacher. She’s great and said all the things I wanted to hear. I feel she will care for and look after my child. I know she will teach her well and I know I will be able to approach her if I need too. This is all I need to know to make the year easier. A Mum who has had three children go through the school said to me ” If every child was taught by her the world would be a better place” you really couldn’t ask for a better comment! I wonder if teachers realise just how important they are? If you are happy with your child’s teacher you feel so much happier in general, your child feels secure and suddenly school doesn’t feel like a chore any more. Do they really know that they hold the key to a whole year for you and your child’s life being a good year or a bad year? We have been lucky so far, school has been kind.

I took the wild one to a playgroup today that I don’t often go to. She was so well behaved and so calm, I realised she has reached a massive mile stone. She didn’t feel the need to tear from activity to activity, not really appreciating any of them much and getting little out of anything. For the first time ever she didn’t even venture outside to the garden there, she was enjoying the calmer things going on inside. She included other children in her games and didn’t mind when they got it all wrong and messed up her systems she had in place. In a nutshell she was more grown up than she has ever been. Tonight is the last night she is my full time baby, aged 3 and 10 months she will start a nursery tomorrow. For the first time ever I will leave her in the care of adults who I don’t know and who she doesn’t know. I have struggled greatly with this decision, and as a result I have been putting off nursery places for ten months now. She will be fine, she is a social butterfly, and she is only going for three hours…. a week! I hear you laughing, but its enough for now. I am not ready to hand her over yet, shes too big a part of our lives, and ‘big’ school is only a year away. Too soon.

I feel I am on a count down. Only one more year to hang out in the day with my friends who have little ones and do lovely kiddy things together, one more year to be able to go to places during school time when its nice and quite. One more year to say, hey its Monday morning, shall we go for coffee, for fun? Its those things that sadden me. School takes up so much time and the evening together are so short and the holidays wizz by in a frenzy of everyone being so busy and off at the same time. I am not looking forward to next year at all.

I have a friend and we often chat about home schooling together, its our secret dream. I don’t think it will ever happen for my two as the older one is a conformist who loves to be in uniform and loves to be part of a structured system and who thrives on routine. She also has friends at the school who are her lifeline at the moment and she would not want to be parted from them.The fact that I misread the homework sheet the other night and as a result she made mistakes was a big clue as to why i shouldn’t home school as a teacher as well! I did chuckle to myself.

I made bread tonight, my last batch was a disaster, as I did it all in-between pitching a tent, going out for lunch with my family and meeting my best mate. If you aren’t doing all that  bread making really is easy. And yet there is something so rewarding about getting a freshly made loaf out of the oven and knowing you have produced it. Tonight I needed to make bread, I needed something wholesome and simple, that would ground me and something I could comfort eat when my thought’s spiralled out of control about tomorrow and the next year.

I read an article last night that I really appreciated and have included a link for other Mum’s with little ones to glance through if they are interested. I will be spending the rest of the year making mud pies and fairy castles! and I will love every moment of it! click here


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