So my plans for this Winter is to clear out some of my ‘Stuff’

I have a lot of ‘stuff’, I am not wasteful so things tend to linger on ( and on) I am by no means a shopperholic so I don’t quite know where all this ‘stuff’ comes from.

I have to confess when I see minimalistic homes and go to peoples houses that have perfectly clear kitchen worktops/shelves/tables, I do come home and my heart sinks slightly. I also wonder what they do with their stuff? where are their sunglasses that they came in with, their wellies and raincoats? where to their kids fling their school bags/letters/swimming bags? what do they do when they need a pen to jot something down, what the heck do they jot it down on? where is their ‘stuff’?

I will never be minimal, and I must accept this about myself. I like to wander antique shops and flea markets, i always have done. I am not a collector, but I pick up odd things that interest me, antique jelly moulds, cake stands. I love kitchen wear and recipe books, these pile up high in my kitchen and tumble down when I go to reach for one. I love flicking through books and magazines so these pile up too. I love reading and always have a stack of books still to read by my bed. But I need to do something, I don’t like the sinking heart feeling, the fab hair products that i only actually use once a year, must go! the joss sticks and candles I have never burnt, bye-bye, the bits and bobs from various party bags the girls have got, see ya! but it wont all go, or else I would not be me. I am the lady who buy’s reels of ribbon from haberdashery’s and  rolls of interesting paper, these things may not be used for years, but I love them, then one day they are needed for a gift that deserves the amazing paper with the incredible ribbon, I take great pleasure putting it together, I enjoy the fact I got it on a whim years ago, this is me, I must just learn to live with myself and my stuff!

So maybe I will meet in the middle this winter, I aim to be a bit tidier, I will clear out my drawers and re organise my office space, I will try not to horde, i will create hidden storage. I hope this makes me feel better about ‘stuff’ in general.


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