So the years pass

Pre-School: When I grow up I would like to be an artist!


Reception: When I grow up I would still like to be an artist!


Year One: When I grow up I want to be a synchronised swimmer ( but not in the Olympics , just for fun)


Year Two: When I grow up I want to be, A horse riding teacher on my friend Graces farm, I will teach the small children, she is going to be a farmer. I also want to be a surf lifesaver when I have the time, and a mermaid.


My gorgeous girl, I know your dreams will change as the years go by, but I hope whatever you end up wanting to be you do it. Life is full of chances and opportunities we just have to grab them and take them. If I could pick a job for you I would pick one that is suited to your quite nature, that lets you be outside where you are so happy, a job that allows you to be the lovely person that you are.  As a parent I hope you stay close as I would miss you so if you travelled far, so a surf life saver would be perfect on Meor beach, but I have travelled the world so I cant deny you that wonderful experience.

Enjoy school as each year passes you will learn new things and gain new experiences as well as friends. As you walk through those school gates I hate the fact you are on your own for the day and I cant be there to mop up tears and make things right again, but I know this is the first stage to spreading your wings, it has to be done. In my heart I yearn to home school you just to keep you safe, but I know you love being surrounded my your friends and teachers, and I know you strive to learn all the time, I can not give you what you really need. If I can give you some advice through, please don’t be a mermaid, I don’t think the pay is that good and there’s definitely not a pension scheme !

I love you Bluebell girl and wish you all the best for year two, the last year as an infant.



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