Holiday memories of Summer ’13

Well we have just returned home from a whirl wind visit to Paris and Giverny. My Mums 70th birthday present. I felt so sorry for the girls on the plane, they were asked by everyone if they were going to Disney. ” We are going to FRANCE’ the little one proudly said ” to see Monets gardens” the older one added. They must have felt sad deep down not to be saying yes. I will take them one day, just for being so very cool about it!

France was a blast of colour and history, we stayed in a Château, crumbling walls and period furniture. It was amazing, the girls looked like little princesses dancing in the extensive grounds, and eating their breakfast off 1920’s china plates. The gardens were incredible and the Bluebell girl had done her research and enjoyed seeing the water-lilly pond for herself. My Mum was in her element 23 years later to return to the place of her dreams. It was lovely.

Paris was for me really, I spent so much time there as a fashion student and I loved it then and now. Again I haven’t returned for many many years, I don’t know it like the back of my hand any more, and my French is terrible, but my heart stopped when I saw the Eiffel Tower and the girls were amazed by it. Alas we didn’t have time to stand in line, but I promised them next time we will get up early and be one of the first. I mean it, I keep my promises!

Our other holiday this summer was Italy, a much needed family visit. Italy is like an assault on the senses. A hubbub of noise and flashing lights in the summer. Even the car parks pump pop tunes out at you. The shopping malls have bumper cars and everywhere you turn there’s a ride on or ten for the kids to go on. Our girls went wild, screaming with delight everywhere we went, their volume getting louder and louder everyday. The nights were late, even the children fairs don’t even bother to open before 8pm, restaurant bookings were after 9pm. It was a crazy week and we were left exhausted. The girls revelled in seeing their grandparents and their cousins, spoilt by their Aunty, it was wonderful. They came home sun kissed and salty from hours swimming in the warm sea, tired out after not going to bed before midnight any night, but smiling and dreaming of lidos and water slides. I am looking forward to catching up on home life now, but hanker after warmer seas, I am flicking through holiday brochures and dreaming of our next adventure whenever it may be.


Running with delight through the most famous garden in France


A bit of French!


Naughty Papa stole a pear, the Bluebell girl savoured every mouthful


I cant believe we stayed here! eeek!


This place was every girly princess fantasy she has ever had!


I love you Paris x


Joyful Fleur!


The bridge! yep THE bridge!


Am I REALLY sleeping in this room tonight?


and they dance with delight at their “castle home”


Princess and the Pea springs to mind


Breakfast is served. Yummy!


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