Sisterly Love

I came through the door to meet a delighted older sister claiming the little one had ” lost her cici, its gone, she lost it, she lost it” I had no idea what a cici was but didn’t like the thought of the happiness the older one was radiating from this obviously devastating news.

I put the thought to one side, I couldn’t deal with politics just yet.

The next morning the cici comment long forgotten the bluebell girl burst into the bedroom ” I’ve done it!!!” she screamed, she was so happy! ” I have made her another cici, I knew yesterday I could do it, I have been dreaming about it and planning it all night, my sister will be so happy, she doesn’t need to cry any more, I just need some cello-tape and maybe you could help with that bit? ”

I took back all my negative thoughts from the day before, that’s why she was so gleeful, she was going to solve the problem. She carefully laid out in front of me two sides, a car roof and a front grill and back bumper of a pink car, all cut from paper ( cici from Rory the racing car TV show it seems!) and asked me to stick them together. I was so touched at her thought and I was also very impressed at her creative skill.

I hugged the big sis and told her that if I could choose a sister I would choose her because she is just great!

Another invention recently was the pea sandwich, this one wasn’t such a success and didn’t get eaten! hey you cant win them all!



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