Life is like a flickerbook

When I think of my childhood memories its like one of those flicker books, you know the ones, you hold them and flick through and the picture moves. I tend not to remember conversations as such, maybe not even events, its more a series of images that sum up my childhood. My flicker book consists of lots of summer fêtes, I am on lots of floats dressed up as varying things such as a Rock an Roll girl to a green elf, I am cocker-ling with my Dad and Nanna in Norfolk, I am playing on the witches hat in the park, I am walking Toby my neighbours dog, I am wheeling around Tiny my other neighbours dog in my pram. I am roller skating fast down the hill, I am playing street games, I am playing half way up the stairs in my house and my cat is there, I am baking cakes in my Nans kitchen, I am in my paddling pool.

Nearly all these flicker images of my childhood are during summer time and for the last few days I am been thinking about what my girls flicker images of this summer will be when they are my age.

This summer we have lived at the beach, the girls have dug and swam and bodyboarded, they have climbed on rocks and we have had many BBQ’s and lots and lots of beach parties. We have met up with tons of friends, some planned and some by chance. The girls have played princess-mermaids and made dens with umbrellas. There has been lots of football games and beach tennis for fleur and lots of running in large groups of children. We have eaten way too much icecream at Moomaid ice cream parlour and have danced on the sand. What a lovely flicker book they have so far.

Today I gave the girls a book on what you find on the sea shore, the bluebell girl loved looking up all the seaweeds we found and shells, we collected sea snails and mussels in our buckets and they climbed up the rock face to where a seat has appeared over night and sat on it looking down beaming and waving at me with my heart in my mouth.

Tomorrow we have another beach party planned, our last one was only a few days ago. I have brought chocolate bananas to bake on the BBQ and my friends has marshmallows on sticks. I love our easy going lifestyle and how easy it is to party when the weather is so warm.

This summer so far has reminded me of summers from long ago, the balmy evenings and the hot days with cold seas. I am so happy my kids have experienced the endless warm days of a old fashioned English Summer, and I hope it lasts, school has only just broke up last week, we have five more weeks to go, I am keeping it all crossed so the flickerbook doesn’t start to contain many images of colouring at the kitchen table with the rain lashing down and the sea mist spoiling the view!Image




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