Did I really just visit a farm?

We went to a farm, well I think we did, I didn’t see any of the usual farm animals, or any crops, we did see lots of camels and a peacock and some very fluffy hens, and a drum kit in a barn. The website advertised Wallabies, but the one Wallaby that was in residence had jumped the pen and done a runner, we told the kids we were on a Wallaby hunt, they went with it and enjoyed the fruitless challenge. My friend Sam that we were with claimed she saw a Wallaby in the middle of Victoria road in Leicester, so I guess he jumped there, we were never going to find him.

It was one of those really odd days out, that didn’t quite fit in to what we thought it would be. Us adults loved the camels, but the kids found more pleasure playing in the small dirty sand pit, even though they spend most of their days on the open pristine beaches where we live, just goes to show! The farm dog took a shine to Sonny, our friends little lad, so once again we had a doggy companion for the day. There was the odd random sculpture dotted around, but for no reason, where they for sale? we don’t really know. We saw some beautiful old buildings dating back to the dooms day book ( i don’t know how he knew this, but that’s what my husband said) the kids loved finding all the random things, and we had a four leaf clover hunt and I spent most of the day giggling at the strangest ” attraction” I had ever been too.

We finished off in a park in gorgeous Port Leven and had an amazing Asian supper at the most kid friendly restaurant in the world? I don’t think i am going too far with this claim! I mean kids eat good food for free and have their own playroom, with a bowling alley?

This blog is too remind me that however ever odd the day is we find our fun in our children and the friends we are with. We all had a fantastic day, our kids were perfectly behaved as they all had so much fun, it was a simple, slightly odd day out I would gladly do again. Thanks girls and boys, Mums and Dads, I came home smiling!Image ImageImage



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