Hurdy Gurdy Children

What a crazy day we have had today. A morning play on one beach, then over to The Barbara Hepworth Museum for a TATE Hands on Art Session for the little one. I love these sessions, we have been going since they started, its where The Tate opens its doors to the under 5’s and lets them create. The Barbara Hepworth ones are really special, imagine doing your arty thing in her own sculpture garden? incredible!

Then off to a local beach for a play before the school run. If this wasn’t enough we took the nephew for a cream tea, as you have to do it when in Cornwall. The scones were slightly stale, surly this shouldn’t be allowed this side of the water? 

We then went to a stone circle that we know and love. We know its a walk we have done it many times. Both the girls have been taken there as babies, as well as toddlers. But you know what? we have never been in the height of summer, its more our winter and Autumn hangout. The winding country path was a sea of colour and texture, different grasses and wild flowers, all fighting for our attention. The path could not even be seen any more, we stumbled and tripped and got stung many, many times by nettles. At one point I shouted “ouch” and the Bluebell girl just turned around and handed me a Doc leaf. No words spoken, she just walked on. A natural healer is blossoming already in her. When we finally arrived, we felt a bit overwhelmed by the crazy walk we had encountered, but the stone circle offered a clearing and peace. The girls thought they had found treasure, but I explained these were offerings and not to be moved, they then busied themselves making there own offerings, bunches of grasses tied with thick grass. The bluebell girl invented the train massage where we all had to sit and massage each others back. In the silent surroundings, it was a lovely experience and the bluebell girl was thrilled her plan worked. She is a true ‘Hurdy Gurdy girl’ she takes great pleasure in rituals and sacred places. I love this about her.

The wild one threw herself off of a few stones, I wasn’t so sure about this, but I guess we all express ourselves differently. She didn’t harm anything so I let it go.

I loved seeing my nephew walking round touching every stone, i love the way stone circles bring this out in so many. Most people don’t even know why they do this, but they do. We often walk the paths of the ancient ones and echo their footsteps.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to the little one that we needed to ask the angels for some help, she wanted to know if it were the Angels we had seen at the stone circle. I told her I didn’t see any, and which circle was she referring to. ” The one with the squelchy mud, they were all there and then they went up into the clouds apart from the baby one, he left me the white feather” she said. She had never said this at the time and she was so earnest I believed her. When we went back today I asked her if this was the place she saw those angels. “yes, but they are not here today, I wonder where they are?”

On the way home we ended up walking through a field of corn, not as traumatic as the wild pathway, but it had its own challenges, mostly mine as I didnt want to ruin a farmers crop. The girls were instructed to walk only on the tractor tracks, the fields went on forever and the thistles scrapped our legs and hands. Was it worth it? of course it was. The girls were delighted with the farm dog who came with us there and back, he was a bit wild and crazy, but kind and fun, he reminded me of my little one!


Today’s Barbara Hepworth creation


Maybe Papa helped a bit with this one!


The Bluebell girl


Journeys end


The Massage Train


Busy making offerings


They found real Treasure!


checking out the offerings!


Fields and fields of corn



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