The Most Dangerous Sea in The World!

There was something very special about where we spent our Sunday yesterday. Imagine a beach without a single soul on it apart from you, walk a bit further and the sand opens up, on the other side facing the sea with a bank of sand in between there is a lake.

I helped on a school trip the other day and this is where we went, I didn’t even know it existed until then, it was magical and it stayed with me, I had to go back, so with the Bluebell girl as our tour guide we went. Typically in Cornwall the sat nav took us to the wrong place and the signs posts too, so when we arrived and then trekked the coastal path with two little ones, a reluctant Italian Nephew we felt we had achieved a great feat!

On the school trip the sea was described to the children as the most dangerous sea. It has terrible currents and over 100 years ago a ship was wrecked there, taking the lives of many men, women and children. The children stayed well away from the sea, but the warning stayed with us. The girls were delighted to squeal about the the dangerous sea, and by this point it had become ‘in the world’ and we decided to swim in the lake. As we dived into the cool deep water, a welcome break from the intense summer sun, the girls were delighted that so close to the most dangerous sea in the world there was a safe water haven. The Bluebell girl was delighted, she surly was a mermaid in another life, and the little wild one soon joined in the swimming bobbing underwater like a little duck with her bottom in the air. We skimmed stones, laughed, swam, dried off in the sun and ate lemon drizzle cake. It had the feeling of days from long ago, a bit Enid Blyton. I love it when the girls delight in life’s simple pleasures. My husband, ever the naughty one, always going that extra step said we should at least put just one toe in the most dangerous sea in the world. The quite one seemed keen, her eyes wide, however the wild one not so much, she looked with a serious face and claimed she didn’t want to drown today. Bless her, she didn’t hold back at the waters edge though and cried with delight that she was in the most dangerous sea in the world, followed by a YIPEE!

Tonight the girls and I made fudge, a gift for the teachers at the end of term. I tried out a new recipe, realising too late that I needed a sugar thermometer. It was destined never to set, so at 10-45pm here i am making fudge, my old trusted recipe that never fails me, so I can pass it off in the morning as the one the girls made so they don’t get upset. I was keen this year to just go and buy the lovely teachers some wonderful soaps and creams to pamper themselves with but I was reminded that ” we ALWAYS make things for the teachers, don’t we Mama”  we have in the past, but I didn’t want it to become a tradition! How quick things do with the Bluebell girl, she is never one to forget anything, ever! So its gorgeous mugs with bags of homemade fudge inside this year.


The lake




The hot stone massage by The Bluebell Girl




On our own, not a soul in sight


Yep, this is us in The Most Dangerous Sea In The WORLD!!!!!!!!!


The fudge that worked


and the one that was never going to work! Sugar thermometer pha!



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