Cornwall: The Most beautiful place in the world?

It’s amazing when you can fall in love with place you live all over again.

I love Cornwall, I love where we live and I always find the time to stop and stare. Today we went to Kynance Cove. I haven’t been for years, but a nephew staying has made us make more of an effort to do a few more things in the day.

I have never managed to get there at low tide before, but our luck was in and we got to venture round the hidden corner. It took our breath away. Fleur danced in and out of the caves, the turquoise sea sparkled and we spent a stunning morning playing. I made a sand mermaid and inspired Fleur to make a sand monster. She and a little boy she had befriended spent ages piling up sand to make its body, but it was the face I loved the best. We met a tourist and chatted for ages about our little Cornish town that we live in, and then travelled back in time for the school run and straight down to our local beach again, where we met with our friends and had a beach party. It was just lovely. More sand games for the kids and early evening swims in the sea.

Cornwall never stops amazing me, not just the amazing scenery, but the people as well. Its a magical place that seems to draw in wonderful people. I don’t think I will ever fall out of love with this place.


Sand Monster


Cave dancing



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