Life is like a flickerbook

When I think of my childhood memories its like one of those flicker books, you know the ones, you hold them and flick through and the picture moves. I tend not to remember conversations as such, maybe not even events, its more a series of images that sum up my childhood. My flicker book consists of lots of summer fêtes, I am on lots of floats dressed up as varying things such as a Rock an Roll girl to a green elf, I am cocker-ling with my Dad and Nanna in Norfolk, I am playing on the witches hat in the park, I am walking Toby my neighbours dog, I am wheeling around Tiny my other neighbours dog in my pram. I am roller skating fast down the hill, I am playing street games, I am playing half way up the stairs in my house and my cat is there, I am baking cakes in my Nans kitchen, I am in my paddling pool.

Nearly all these flicker images of my childhood are during summer time and for the last few days I am been thinking about what my girls flicker images of this summer will be when they are my age.

This summer we have lived at the beach, the girls have dug and swam and bodyboarded, they have climbed on rocks and we have had many BBQ’s and lots and lots of beach parties. We have met up with tons of friends, some planned and some by chance. The girls have played princess-mermaids and made dens with umbrellas. There has been lots of football games and beach tennis for fleur and lots of running in large groups of children. We have eaten way too much icecream at Moomaid ice cream parlour and have danced on the sand. What a lovely flicker book they have so far.

Today I gave the girls a book on what you find on the sea shore, the bluebell girl loved looking up all the seaweeds we found and shells, we collected sea snails and mussels in our buckets and they climbed up the rock face to where a seat has appeared over night and sat on it looking down beaming and waving at me with my heart in my mouth.

Tomorrow we have another beach party planned, our last one was only a few days ago. I have brought chocolate bananas to bake on the BBQ and my friends has marshmallows on sticks. I love our easy going lifestyle and how easy it is to party when the weather is so warm.

This summer so far has reminded me of summers from long ago, the balmy evenings and the hot days with cold seas. I am so happy my kids have experienced the endless warm days of a old fashioned English Summer, and I hope it lasts, school has only just broke up last week, we have five more weeks to go, I am keeping it all crossed so the flickerbook doesn’t start to contain many images of colouring at the kitchen table with the rain lashing down and the sea mist spoiling the view!Image




Did I really just visit a farm?

We went to a farm, well I think we did, I didn’t see any of the usual farm animals, or any crops, we did see lots of camels and a peacock and some very fluffy hens, and a drum kit in a barn. The website advertised Wallabies, but the one Wallaby that was in residence had jumped the pen and done a runner, we told the kids we were on a Wallaby hunt, they went with it and enjoyed the fruitless challenge. My friend Sam that we were with claimed she saw a Wallaby in the middle of Victoria road in Leicester, so I guess he jumped there, we were never going to find him.

It was one of those really odd days out, that didn’t quite fit in to what we thought it would be. Us adults loved the camels, but the kids found more pleasure playing in the small dirty sand pit, even though they spend most of their days on the open pristine beaches where we live, just goes to show! The farm dog took a shine to Sonny, our friends little lad, so once again we had a doggy companion for the day. There was the odd random sculpture dotted around, but for no reason, where they for sale? we don’t really know. We saw some beautiful old buildings dating back to the dooms day book ( i don’t know how he knew this, but that’s what my husband said) the kids loved finding all the random things, and we had a four leaf clover hunt and I spent most of the day giggling at the strangest ” attraction” I had ever been too.

We finished off in a park in gorgeous Port Leven and had an amazing Asian supper at the most kid friendly restaurant in the world? I don’t think i am going too far with this claim! I mean kids eat good food for free and have their own playroom, with a bowling alley?

This blog is too remind me that however ever odd the day is we find our fun in our children and the friends we are with. We all had a fantastic day, our kids were perfectly behaved as they all had so much fun, it was a simple, slightly odd day out I would gladly do again. Thanks girls and boys, Mums and Dads, I came home smiling!Image ImageImage


Hurdy Gurdy Children

What a crazy day we have had today. A morning play on one beach, then over to The Barbara Hepworth Museum for a TATE Hands on Art Session for the little one. I love these sessions, we have been going since they started, its where The Tate opens its doors to the under 5’s and lets them create. The Barbara Hepworth ones are really special, imagine doing your arty thing in her own sculpture garden? incredible!

Then off to a local beach for a play before the school run. If this wasn’t enough we took the nephew for a cream tea, as you have to do it when in Cornwall. The scones were slightly stale, surly this shouldn’t be allowed this side of the water? 

We then went to a stone circle that we know and love. We know its a walk we have done it many times. Both the girls have been taken there as babies, as well as toddlers. But you know what? we have never been in the height of summer, its more our winter and Autumn hangout. The winding country path was a sea of colour and texture, different grasses and wild flowers, all fighting for our attention. The path could not even be seen any more, we stumbled and tripped and got stung many, many times by nettles. At one point I shouted “ouch” and the Bluebell girl just turned around and handed me a Doc leaf. No words spoken, she just walked on. A natural healer is blossoming already in her. When we finally arrived, we felt a bit overwhelmed by the crazy walk we had encountered, but the stone circle offered a clearing and peace. The girls thought they had found treasure, but I explained these were offerings and not to be moved, they then busied themselves making there own offerings, bunches of grasses tied with thick grass. The bluebell girl invented the train massage where we all had to sit and massage each others back. In the silent surroundings, it was a lovely experience and the bluebell girl was thrilled her plan worked. She is a true ‘Hurdy Gurdy girl’ she takes great pleasure in rituals and sacred places. I love this about her.

The wild one threw herself off of a few stones, I wasn’t so sure about this, but I guess we all express ourselves differently. She didn’t harm anything so I let it go.

I loved seeing my nephew walking round touching every stone, i love the way stone circles bring this out in so many. Most people don’t even know why they do this, but they do. We often walk the paths of the ancient ones and echo their footsteps.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to the little one that we needed to ask the angels for some help, she wanted to know if it were the Angels we had seen at the stone circle. I told her I didn’t see any, and which circle was she referring to. ” The one with the squelchy mud, they were all there and then they went up into the clouds apart from the baby one, he left me the white feather” she said. She had never said this at the time and she was so earnest I believed her. When we went back today I asked her if this was the place she saw those angels. “yes, but they are not here today, I wonder where they are?”

On the way home we ended up walking through a field of corn, not as traumatic as the wild pathway, but it had its own challenges, mostly mine as I didnt want to ruin a farmers crop. The girls were instructed to walk only on the tractor tracks, the fields went on forever and the thistles scrapped our legs and hands. Was it worth it? of course it was. The girls were delighted with the farm dog who came with us there and back, he was a bit wild and crazy, but kind and fun, he reminded me of my little one!


Today’s Barbara Hepworth creation


Maybe Papa helped a bit with this one!


The Bluebell girl


Journeys end


The Massage Train


Busy making offerings


They found real Treasure!


checking out the offerings!


Fields and fields of corn


The Most Dangerous Sea in The World!

There was something very special about where we spent our Sunday yesterday. Imagine a beach without a single soul on it apart from you, walk a bit further and the sand opens up, on the other side facing the sea with a bank of sand in between there is a lake.

I helped on a school trip the other day and this is where we went, I didn’t even know it existed until then, it was magical and it stayed with me, I had to go back, so with the Bluebell girl as our tour guide we went. Typically in Cornwall the sat nav took us to the wrong place and the signs posts too, so when we arrived and then trekked the coastal path with two little ones, a reluctant Italian Nephew we felt we had achieved a great feat!

On the school trip the sea was described to the children as the most dangerous sea. It has terrible currents and over 100 years ago a ship was wrecked there, taking the lives of many men, women and children. The children stayed well away from the sea, but the warning stayed with us. The girls were delighted to squeal about the the dangerous sea, and by this point it had become ‘in the world’ and we decided to swim in the lake. As we dived into the cool deep water, a welcome break from the intense summer sun, the girls were delighted that so close to the most dangerous sea in the world there was a safe water haven. The Bluebell girl was delighted, she surly was a mermaid in another life, and the little wild one soon joined in the swimming bobbing underwater like a little duck with her bottom in the air. We skimmed stones, laughed, swam, dried off in the sun and ate lemon drizzle cake. It had the feeling of days from long ago, a bit Enid Blyton. I love it when the girls delight in life’s simple pleasures. My husband, ever the naughty one, always going that extra step said we should at least put just one toe in the most dangerous sea in the world. The quite one seemed keen, her eyes wide, however the wild one not so much, she looked with a serious face and claimed she didn’t want to drown today. Bless her, she didn’t hold back at the waters edge though and cried with delight that she was in the most dangerous sea in the world, followed by a YIPEE!

Tonight the girls and I made fudge, a gift for the teachers at the end of term. I tried out a new recipe, realising too late that I needed a sugar thermometer. It was destined never to set, so at 10-45pm here i am making fudge, my old trusted recipe that never fails me, so I can pass it off in the morning as the one the girls made so they don’t get upset. I was keen this year to just go and buy the lovely teachers some wonderful soaps and creams to pamper themselves with but I was reminded that ” we ALWAYS make things for the teachers, don’t we Mama”  we have in the past, but I didn’t want it to become a tradition! How quick things do with the Bluebell girl, she is never one to forget anything, ever! So its gorgeous mugs with bags of homemade fudge inside this year.


The lake




The hot stone massage by The Bluebell Girl




On our own, not a soul in sight


Yep, this is us in The Most Dangerous Sea In The WORLD!!!!!!!!!


The fudge that worked


and the one that was never going to work! Sugar thermometer pha!


Cornwall: The Most beautiful place in the world?

It’s amazing when you can fall in love with place you live all over again.

I love Cornwall, I love where we live and I always find the time to stop and stare. Today we went to Kynance Cove. I haven’t been for years, but a nephew staying has made us make more of an effort to do a few more things in the day.

I have never managed to get there at low tide before, but our luck was in and we got to venture round the hidden corner. It took our breath away. Fleur danced in and out of the caves, the turquoise sea sparkled and we spent a stunning morning playing. I made a sand mermaid and inspired Fleur to make a sand monster. She and a little boy she had befriended spent ages piling up sand to make its body, but it was the face I loved the best. We met a tourist and chatted for ages about our little Cornish town that we live in, and then travelled back in time for the school run and straight down to our local beach again, where we met with our friends and had a beach party. It was just lovely. More sand games for the kids and early evening swims in the sea.

Cornwall never stops amazing me, not just the amazing scenery, but the people as well. Its a magical place that seems to draw in wonderful people. I don’t think I will ever fall out of love with this place.


Sand Monster


Cave dancing