And on Sunday they paddled in their pants!

So its the infants sports day tomorrow. I am nervous. I hope its fun. Sports day in my school was only fun if you “made the team” otherwise you were a “cheerer” I hope this doesn’t still happen in schools? I know in real life you cant always be picked, but school isn’t adult working life, its school, and sports day should be fun.

The Bluebell girl is concerned, she knocked over the pole for the high jump in yesterdays practise and she lost against four girls she was running against, so I let her into a little secret; shes like her Mum, shes a swimmer, a good swimmer and if she doesn’t win, it doesn’t matter to us, as long as she has had fun. But IF she feels a little sad about it I told her to look at the kids she’s raced against, and lost against, and know in her heart she could probably out swim them all! That made her smile and put a spring in her step. We all have talents, but she needs reminding what hers are every now and again.

Fleur got a splinter in her foot today, it had to come out, my little brave girl that has been through so much and has always put a brave face on completely lost it. The thought of having a needle near her skin sent her into hysterics, it was awful. We knew it had to come out, so we had to do it. Her sister couldn’t bear to hear her cry and announced she had to leave the room. But she didn’t stay away for long, she came back with a serious concerned face and special toys she normally doesn’t like her sibling to play with. Although the whole incident was heartbreaking, it warmed my heart to see the love of the sister. Just lately there have been a few squabbles, the first lot since the little one was born, so to see in times of distress the love is there and runs  deep pleased me.

On a happier note we have hit the beach a couple of times in the last few days, it has been lovely. We have hung out with some good friends and the kids have played, we watched the fancy dress surfers, they love a bit of fancy dress in our town, they don’t even need an excuse.

It was a bit chilly on one of the days so none of us had wetsuits for the kids, but at 4pm the sun came out and the tide was high and they couldn’t resist any longer, they stripped to their pants and they all ran in screaming and laughing together. It was so spur of the moment and the squeals of delight so genuine us Mums just sat there grinning from ear to ear, a moment in time I know I will always remember. There’s a saying about bottling the moment, that was one of mine. 

I love hanging out on the beach, its one of my favourite things. If I could do it every day I properly would. We are so lucky to live by the sea, even a pop into town can involve a spontaneous beach moment. The times my girls have walked home soaking wet and shoeless after a ‘paddle’ when we only popped out to buy a birthday card. Its a great existence.

So wish me luck in the mums race, I will be taking part, and I will have a big smile on my face. I am no runner, and I will be one of the last I would imagine, I also cant stand running, but I wont be letting that out of the bag tomorrow. But when I don’t get a first or a second or even a third I will bend down and whisper into the bluebells ear ” I can out swim them all! round the world…. AND back! ” ( this of course in the sporty area we live in is not the case for me nowadays, but that will be my secret!)


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